Second Life Roulette

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Clue One

Ciel stared up at the wooden ceiling that night. Just as she had the moment she woke up.

The first riddle to the first clue was keeping Ciel up.

I cannot be seen but I am. I cannot be spoken but I can be told. I have no features but I have a face. I have hands but no fingers.

The clue definitely had to be a clock.

Somewhere in the town, Ciel and Nate had seen a looming clock tower. It had to be in that tower.

As soon as it was dawn, Ciel headed to the clock tower with Nate, Ivan, Mia, Yeter and Gina in tow. The door was locked but Ivan was strong enough to kick the wooden door in.

Gina and Mia both applauded his efforts. Even Yeter let out an impressed whistle.

"How did you do that?" Ciel wondered.

Ivan shrugged. "Family farm" he stated in his thick Russian accent.

The small group broke apart to investigate the clock tower's insides from top to bottom.

Ciel managed to find a small parchment in the clock's face. Both Nate and Ivan were holding her steady. "Got it!" she exclaimed softly.

"Way to go, Ciel!" Nate cheered as he and Ivan let Ciel down.

Ivan gave Ciel a thumbs up. Mia just applauded what she had witnessed.

Gina hugged Ciel. "Nice. This is the best any of us has ever done" she remarked.

Yeter gave Ciel a stern look before allowing a small smile. "Good work" she stated.

Before they returned to the bunker, Ivan and Gina repaired the door.

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