Second Life Roulette

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Moral Ground

The bunker was quiet, with occasional snoring from Ivan and Antoine respectively.

Nearly all of the Second-Lifers were asleep.

Lying awake in her bed, Ciel looked at the parchment in her hands.

'In a home now, I hide. Behind a small door lies a lie. Honesty is masked by I. Look for the what and not the why.' The parchment read.

This one was a little more tricky.

"Not to mention wrong.." Ciel muttered.

Ciel wasn't the only one still awake. "Ciel? It's the middle of the night.." Nate asked, his distinct voice was slightly above a whisper.

"Sorry..couldn't sleep." Ciel answered.

Nate flashed a slight smile before sitting up. He reached over to the table by his bed to retrieve up his glasses. "It's ok. Is it about the clue we found yesterday?" he asked.

Ciel nodded.

Nate ran a hand over his hair. "Same here..we've been trying to figure that first clue out for weeks. Klaus and Antoine have lost a lot of sleep over it" he agreed.

"There's just something morally off about these they expect us to be caught" Ciel mused.

Nate sighed. "I know. But sometimes we have to do the wrong things for the right reasons.." he reasoned.

Ciel locked eyes with Nate. It was a good thing he had been awake or she would've been in no state for puzzles tomorrow.

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