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When Ayaan got a text from her, he was so excited . But after reading her text, he was dejected. His heart ached, but he can't do anything. But he did wanted to tell her about his feeling. SO He typed; our timing does suck. But your love for me was never one-sided because you were my first love Maureen and clicked send. But the message was never delivered. And he knew it's over.

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Deeptha dinesan
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One summer day

DING...DONG...DING..DONG- there goes the last bell for this academic year. Finally, I thought and gave a sigh. “, Moe.. Moe" I could hear my friend Natasha screaming my name from the back and was running towards me. I gave her a smile and wrapped my arms around her and we started walking. It was a 10 minutes’ walk from school to my home. My name is Maureen, Moe for short by the way.

Nat always come to my home after school and stays there till her mom gets back from work. At young age, she had lost her dad in a car accident and she was raised by her mom solely who works as a nurse. I met her when I was in sixth grade when me and my family moved to Virginia.

I have no memories on how we became friends, but it happened naturally as she is someone with whom you will instantly fall in love with . With her by my side all these years I never felt lonely, even when I am the only child to my parents.

When we reached home, my mom greeted us and asked us to freshen up. After taking bath, we both came downstairs to have our dinner. My mom is the best cook in the world. She runs a small catering business and the whole town loves her food. Nat is her biggest fan and great critic. They would spend hours and hours in kitchen during weekend trying out new recipes. I do love my mom’s food, but I am not that excited like her when it comes to food. I am more of a nerd and finds great peace and solitude with my books.

After we finished our dinner, Nat nudged me to ask my parents about the summer camp. In fact she has been pestering me about that for a month now. I am never excited when it comes to social interaction whereas Nat she is just opposite . She loves to connect with people, makes friends effortlessly. But me on other side, loves to be invisible and forgotten by people.

“What are you two whispering about? “my mom asked out aloud.

" mom..actua...′ before I could finish the sentence, Nat jumped in

’Actually, Liz we have our summer camp coming and I am attending , but I need you to give Moe permission to attend it. Without her I will be having a dull time plus it’s going to be so fun at the same time educational. Trust me....’and finished the talking for me.

Before that Lemme tell you ,my mom actually wants me to be interactive and in fact she was really stressed whenever I spend my days all alone in my room, but all that changed when I introduced her to Nat and till date she tells me, Nat is the best thing that has happened to me, to which I agree 100%.

Definitely! do not worry dear, Moe will be joining you...

But mom I don’t wanna go ... I protested to which she gave me a stern look and said ′its final Moe, you will attend the summer camp with Nat. No more discussion on this topic, plus I could use some alone time with dad’

Nat squealed in happiness!" Liz you are the best!and gave my mom a hug.

’I know..!′ said mom laughing.

Sometimes I wonder if she was my mom or Nat’s. I put down the plate that I was cleaning and stormed towards my room and slammed the door to show that I am angry at both of them, Which they didn’t mind at all. I didn’t speak to my mom and Nat for two days, but eventually I accepted the fact that I am going to spend two weeks of my summer at camp.

Finally, the day came , Nat came to my home early in the morning , which by the way she never does. She always gets up late and make me late for school too. But today, she came in so early. Her mom, Mia dropped her at our house and wished us both a safe stay.

′ So, your mom isn’t going to work?′ I asked Nat to which she replied that her mom took leave so she can drop me off at campsite.

ok girls come have breakfast and we should leave early, otherwise we might get caught in the traffic ′ said my dad

When we were done with breakfast, my parents, Nat’s mom and us left to campsite. After saying goodbyes, Nat and I joined rest of the students and waited for further instruction.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were the coordinator of this camp. They are one of the most loved people by all of us. They assembled us all and started to introduce them to us. Next 30 minutes was all about DOs and the DONT’S, which I clearly didn’t give any attention.

so now, you guys will be split into four groups and each group/team will have 10 members and a captain. But before that let me introduce you to the four captains who will lead the group and I am pretty sure you will be knowing them...′ said Mr. Smith excitedly. Well he surely is trying to get our attention, and some definitely paid attention to him. I was least interested, but something caught my attention, actually it was a name that he said that caught my attention.

MR. Smith continued’ ′Ayaan will be the captain for the third group- green’ and everyone started cheering and clapping for him. He waved and gave a huge smile. Seeing him my heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t stop looking at him. All sorts of emotions erupted inside me. And maybe for the first time, I was really glad I came on this stupid camp, which seemed not so stupid now.

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