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He is my senior, actually was. He finished his school and will be going to college after this summer. I met him a year ago. He was transfer student who came to our school last year. From the very first day, he made a huge first impression on everyone including teachers. The girls went all gaga over him. He is handsome and has a cute side. He was all rounder and was admired greatly. I still remember our first meet. It was one of those days were I was running late for school thanks to Nat and was running frantically so as to not miss my class. As I was nearing my class, I bumped into someone and fell on the ground. Due to which my books fell from my hand and got scattered on the floor.

I am so sorry, are you hurt?′ I heard someone asking me. Yes it was him. I bumped into Ayaan and fell , that’s not how I imagined our first meeting would be. Suddenly embarrassment took over me. He knelt to the ground and helped me with my books. He then extended his hand towards me which I took after exactly 1 minute 30 something second and he helped me to stand up on my feet.

‘Thanks ’ I said timidly.

Are you hurt? He asked me again. To which I replied no. He then apologized for one more time and left. I stood there watching him disappear around the corridor. My heart was racing and I was blushing. Suddenly I was snapped back to reality by my biology teacher who was little late for the class. He asked me why I was standing outside the class to which I didn’t have any answer. He then asked me to enter the class. I walked behind him and sat in my seat.

Once the class got over, I got up from my seat when a stinging pain shot up in my back. I yelled in pain and fell on my seat. I was definitely hurt.

After that we never spoke, I would see him every day, and as days passed my feelings for him got stronger but I kept it as a secret even from Nat because if she knows it, she will make sure that Ayaan knows about my feelings, which then would be awkward , I guess . I can never imagine a guy like him would ever want to be associated with a girl like me. He is my first love which was one-sided. And I was happy and content this way but sometimes I wished....

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