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Missed oppurtunities

I looked at the notice board, and saw my name under the team green. I couldn’t be more excited. I was on cloud nine. Nat was in red team which was group 2 led by Olivia who was also our senior and one of Ayaan’s best friend. I was Definitely not found of her. But as I started spending time with her I got to know her and the dislike I had for her was replaced with love. She is really a sweet person.

I was sad that Nat and me were not in same group but my excitement to be in Ayaan’s team exceeded. After that we were given our own kit and was asked to settle ourselves in our dormitory. Nat and I took the bunk bed at far end of the room. After settling down we spend the rest of the day doing assigned activities.

12 days passed so quickly, and my feelings for Ayaan grew strongly day by day. Still, I haven’t had the courage to initiate any conversation with him. With only one day left , I was determined to strike up a conversation with him.

I woke up early and spent nearly an hour to get ready which was in vain, because even after doing hard work to make myself pretty, I didn’t like the way I looked . Staring at my reflection I wished I could be like one of those girls who had it all, like those girls the boys are chasing. But they’re always in a different league and even if I try I can never catch up to them.

Anyways it was all in vain, because I didn’t get a single chance, disappointed I decided to return to my dormitory in the evening

On the way I saw Ayaan cleaning up the place all by himself. Without having a second thought I went up to him and started helping in cleaning. He looked at me and gave me a warm smile, and I smiled back at him. After cleaning, he asked me if I want to go for a walk with him, to which I said Yes! excitedly.

There was total silence, and it was getting awkward. My mouth itched to speak, but no words came out. My heart was beating rapidly. After 5 minutes of walk, we came near the lake. It was really quiet and peaceful. The sun has nearly set and the moon was shining brightly. We stood there silently looking at the nature. Finally I decided its time that I said something.

But before I could say anything, someone came looking for him. It was Olivia, she came to tell him that he has a call from his dad. He excused himself and joined Olivia to go back to the camp site. But before going he turned to me and said ’Maureen, don’t stay up too late, get back to camp as quickly as possible. Good night ’and gave me a smile.

My cheeks heated up on hearing it, so he remembers my name! not bad, I thought. That gave me a new confidence. I was determined to talk to him before we left for home. But next morning I didn’t see him. I searched for him everywhere but I didn’t see him. I went up to Olivia to ask about him and she said he left last night itself, due to some emergency. I was heartbroken. I longed to see him. But that was it. Now I don’t even know if I will see him ever again.

On our way back, Nat excitedly shared every detail about the camp to my parents while I kept quiet for the whole time. As soon as I reached home, I ran to my room, locked the door and started crying, there was this unbearable pain inside me which I couldn’t describe. Sitting on the floor I cried till I got exhausted and stared at the ceiling aimlessly wishing this feeling would disappear.

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