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Can time heal wounds?

1.5 years later

[My phone ringing early in the morning] I was fast asleep, it was 6 in the morning and today was Saturday, so that means no college , which also means I can sleep for few more hours. But the universe didn’t like it, it just couldn’t bear the fact that I was sleeping peacefully.

I took my phone and kept it on my ear and went to sleep.

Moe, Moe, Moe you won’t believe what happened’ Nat was shouting from the other end. I woke up hastily which resulted in hurting my neck. Of course it was not universe, it was Nat who hated me sleeping peacefully.

’Ouch! ’I screamed in pain. You okay, what happened? Enquired Nat after hearing my scream. Nothing I replied.

Anyways you won’t believe what happened, today in pub I met this cute guy, who was totally checking me out.... blah blah blah’ she continued.

Well, this isn’t new, it’s the fifth time this month she called me up this early to tell me about some cute guy she always finds while she went to club. What troubled me was how can her mom be okay with her going to pub so often. The sleep completely went away, for next one hour I listened to her going on and on about this guy. After talking to Nat, I decided to go to library to finish my assignment.

Winter was approaching, it was getting cold day by day. I gave a painful sigh when the cold air hit me as soon as I stepped out of my apartment. I drew my jacket closer to my body, and started walking towards the library. After 5 minutes of walk I finally reached the library and ran inside. Once inside I felt comfortable. It was warm, silent and peaceful. I bought a coffee along with me and sat on the far corner and started working on my assignment.

I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t notice my coffee has turned ice cold and hours have passed. Suddenly stomach growled in hunger, which I ignored it. So, it again growled but this time little bit louder but luckily no one was around to hear it . So, I packed my stuffs and decided to grab a bite on my way back home. I entered a nearby café and ordered a sandwich. While I was eating my sandwich , Alex, my classmate and friend ;who also came to grab a bite joined me. Alex is a nice , sweet guy and also fun to be around with. We have been in same team for few projects and he is very hardworking. One month back he confessed that he likes me and would love to go out with me. To which I was flattered and surprised, but I had to turn him down as I never got the chance to move on from Ayaan.

After the camp, I was devastated. Eventually I told Nat about Ayaan and she got mad at me first for not doing anything about it when I had chance. But she being such a sweet heart helped me to forget about him, but the only thing was I could never forget about him. Actually I didn’t wanna forget him. He was my first love, even though it was one sided. I had choice to move on, but instead chose to stay in past. I worked hard and focused more on my studies to get over him, but at the end I did get into a good college in NY, but Ayaan was always there in my memories. I heard about him here and there. He is in SFO, studying for computer engineering. Whenever I think about him, I have some hope for us to be together like destiny or fate. Sometimes I would spend hours wondering how he is now, or if he is in any relationship. I know it’s insanity and I should move on. Its not like we have been in relationship or something, but THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS.

But Alex respected my decision and agreed to be my friend even when it was hard for him. He never crossed the boundary or forced me to like him back, which kind of put me at ease too. We sat there for hours talking about random stuff and he offered to walk me home. After biding goodbye, I went inside my apartment. I removed my jacket and switched on the heater as the room was ice cold. I looked outside the window and sighed; winter is finally here. Season of loneliness.

I changed into my pajamas and fell on the bed and kept staring at the ceiling which by the way has become my favorite hobby for past one year. Suddenly a notification brought me back to reality. I checked my phone and it was from Alex, had a great time today, see you on Monday. Take care.

I smiled at the text and replied yes, me too. See you on Monday. If Nat would have been here, she would have totally cracked my head for turning down a nice guy for someone who is miles away and probably don’t even know about my feelings.

Nat is doing her college in VA, she didn’t want to leave her mom all alone. It was tough for us, to live without each other. But we decided to do it and as Nat would say it, without distance no relationship would be epic. 11 hours of distance couldn’t push us apart. We are still going strong and never for once till date I felt I would be losing her. Well, we worked hard making our friendship work and I am so proud of us and everything we have been through. I can never imagine a life without Nat.

Alex definitely is a good guy, sometimes I do ask myself If I should give him a chance. I do like him. If I met him first before falling for Ayaan , I would definitely go out with him, I do enjoy myself in his company but Ayaan, what about him? Its just that, I am too scared to take a step forward.

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