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When past meets present

Weekend flew by, Monday was back. After the class, I decided to do some grocery shopping. Alex offered me to give me a ride, which I politely refused, not wanting trouble him. So he asked me to text him back once I reach home and to call him if I need anything. I thanked him and left to do some shopping.

After paying the bill, I walked towards the exit, when someone called my name. I turned around to see Olivia, I was really surprised to see her here. We gave each other a hug and went to nearby café to catch up.

So you live here? I asked her

‘Actually no, I came to visit my aunt who lives here’ she replied.

She has become more beautiful than the last time I saw her which was one and half year ago at camp. We were still in touch. Nat and Olivia were the only two people with whom I was still in touch from school

So how are you? ..we continued and chatted for some time. Before leaving, she said’ oh I forgot to tell you something, you remember Ayaan? He was your senior and my classmate.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard his name.

Yes of course, I do remember, you kidding. He is my first love, btw it was only one sided and I still can’t get over him , my mind screamed mockingly.

I cleared my throat and said yes to which she replied, ′well he asks me about you. Well one day I did mention about how we were in touch and since then he would ask me about you here and there.′

I was shocked to hear that, what! he still remembers me and asks about me? Woah this is insane.

What really? I asked her in a shocking tone not being able to disguise the surprise, shock, astonishment I felt all at once, in my voice.

‘Yah, you know what, I will give you his number, you can contact him and tell him how you have been’ she said smiling. Sure! I replied trying to sound not that excited. After saying goodbye, we left. I felt so good, happy and weird at the same time. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, I hurried towards my apartment. As soon as I reached home, I got a text from Olivia.

I have his number; OMG I have his number, I started freaking out. I decided its been long and I won’t waste this opportunity. I saved his number and started texting him but then deleted it. This went on for like an hour. Being annoyed with myself, I finally texted HEY, Maureen here. From high school. After contemplating for some time, I clicked send .

The message was delivered an hour ago but he hasn’t seen it yet. I was walking back and forth in my apartment waiting for his message. Every time a notification popped up I would check it in a hurry only to get disappointed.

I decided to make dinner as hunger took over me. I had to stop thinking about him I reminded myself and cooked pasta which I finished it quickly. Then I got ready for bed. Lying down I started watching videos from YouTube and kept checking if he saw my message or not. Suddenly a message popped up, but it was from Alex asking if I reached home safely, but ignored his text. One time while checking back and forth to see if he saw my message, I noticed he saw it and soon it showed he was typing which went on for next one minute. My heart was beating fast, my stomach was churning and my hands started to shake in excitement. But then again it went off, I was disappointed. After waiting for some more time, I decided to sleep.

Next morning, I didn’t have class, so I decided to get up late. Around 11, I woke up from my phone ringing. Half asleep, I took the phone without seeing caller ID thinking it was Nat because she always calls me when I am asleep.

What’s up’ I asked her in my sleep.

Hey, its Ayaan here.′ replied from other side. I got up in shock, ′who, what .. I blabbered

Am I speaking to Maureen? He asked out of confusion due to my blabbering.

I got up from the bed, and said ′yes yes, its Maureen.′ I was going crazy.

Great, how are you? He asked me.

I thought ′Well how am I? Let’s see I am good apart from being heartbroken, because of my one-sided love for you. Otherwise, I am fit as a fiddle.′ Brushing my thoughts aside, I said ′I am fine, how are you?′ trying my best to sound normal.

I am fine, thanks. Sorry for not giving you a reply immediately, something came up.′ He spoke. Aww that’s sweet he apologized for not texting me back I thought in my head .

its fine, I actually slept of so... I mean is... it’s no big deal.′ I replied back stammering. My mind was screaming to pull myself together.

I could hear him laughing on the other side, to which I too laughed.

It’s been a week since I started speaking to Ayaan. I got to know about him more. He is single now, in SFO, plays basketball, was in a relationship last year, but broke of after two months ETC ETC..

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