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Ayaan had his eyes on the phone for the whole night. He was waiting for her reply. He knew she has feeling for him from high school. He was really surprised to see her text, and chatting with her was so fun and lovely. After a week of texting each other, he started to develop feelings for her. To be frank, his feelings for her rekindled. He still remembers, how he met her for first time.


’New to the school, he had a hard time to make friends for first couple of months. So, he used to go to library during his lunch hours, that’s where he met her. He observed her from far, and like him she too was having lunch in library while reading a book. This kept going for a month. He started to notice her, she was a shy girl and only talks to one girl, which he assumed to be her best friend. He was falling for her unknowingly but he just didn’t know it .With time his popularity soared, getting good grades, playing well for the basketball team, gained him a lot of admirers. He was surrounded with friends and didn’t have to eat in library all alone.

One day he bumped into her and he was surprised to find out how beautiful she was up-close and her cheeks turned red when he held her hands. He liked her, and knew she too like him because he did catch her few times staring at him. But he didn’t want anything to happen as he didn’t have time to be in a relationship because he is in final year. So he put her in back of his mind.

But then again, he met her in summer camp. Being her team leader, gave him more time to spend with her. He would make excuse just so he could be with her. But neither of them made a move. On the last night when she offered to help him, he wanted to spend some more time. So, he asked her out for a walk to strike up a conversation with her. She walked with him silently under the moonlight. It was so calm and peaceful. He wanted to start conversation but he didn’t know what to say. He also tried to take her hand in his, but every time their hand brushed against each other she would pull back immediately.

That night, unfortunately he had to return back home , as next morning he was asked to travel to SFO immediately. He was sad, because he couldn’t say goodbye to her. He dreaded all the time for not being able to make a move when he had all the opportunity.

He regretted missing all the opportunities.

Once college started, he was busy with tests, assignments etc... but time to time, Maureen would come to his mind.

After a long time, he got in touch with Olivia, his school friend. He lost contact with all his friends back in school with time. One day he got to know Olivia is still in touch with Maureen, he couldn’t stop himself from asking how she was.′

When Ayaan got a text from her, he was so excited . But after reading her text, he was dejected. His heart ached, but he can’t do anything. But he did wanted to tell her about his feeling. SO He typed; our timing does suck. But your love for me was never one-sided because you were my first love Maureen and clicked send. But the message was never delivered. And he knew it’s over.


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