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Mountain Alone

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A girl has dreams to climb a mountain. She just started school and meets many people. By the end of the year she signed up for climbing a mountain. But, it had to be with a partner incase of emergancies. She asked her best friend but she was afraid of heights. There was only one person who wanted to do it with her... Many drama fills in her story of who will join her, and other.

Drama / Adventure
Shark army
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Chapter 1: Pink Dress

I took a deep breath and started climbing the tall, Rocky Mountain.
I looked down yet to see the ground far, far away from my feet. But that wouldn't stop me, I would keep going and going, until I make it to the very top.
My mouth was dry, because I haven't ate since the bottom. I could feel my hands shivering of tiredness, I have started long ago. I couldn't stop now. I have gotten too close to stop. My folks were waiting for me, some at home some down there at the bottom waiting, nervous, hoping I don't hurt my self. But hoping I make to the top.

Ring... Ring... Ring ring! Tap. Clank!
I looked over to see my alarm clock fall to the ground and unplug.
I looked down on the ground hoping it wasn't broken. "Phew" I sighed.
I grabbed the covers and threw them off of me. I slowly got up and went to my wardrobe. So many choices. I thought. I heard foot steps coming toward my room, I listened as they got louder and louder.
"Guess what...! " My mom said as she opened the door knob and entered through the doorway.
"This, this is why I need to start LOCKING my room! " I yelled. She looked startled yet calm as I yelled. She shrug and took a dress hanged on aa blue velvet hanger from behind her back. It was pink and had white dots all over it. There was a white belt around the waist of the dress.
My mouth dropped open in amazement. "I'm not wearing that!" I yelled even louder than before.
"I don't wear dresses Mom! "
"But it's your first day of school sweetie. "
I clenched my fist and took the dress with the other hand. "It looks like it's something a toddler would wear." I huffed.

"Oh! You look so pretty my dear! " My mom said as I walked into the kitchen with the bright pink dress on. "The belt-- Can't...breath, " I choked out.
She walked up to me and Untigghtened the belt from my waist and re-put it on less tight as it was before. " The bus is coming soon finish up your food! "

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