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Mountain Alone

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Chapter 2: His Smirk

I wasn't good at making friends.
My past friends never liked me, or I was just there. But I was hoping that would change this year. It's high-school, this couldn't keep going.
I walked into the school and into the hallway. I clenched my school information as I saw all the people talking together and laughing. While I was the outcast who loves mountains.
I kept walking looking down at my strangled paper for where my locker was.
It was like a hard-core I spy game.
I looked around a little more until I finally spotted it. I walked over to it and put the code in that I studied at home.
I opened it and put magnets in. I always loved having magnets, they were all so different and cool. I loved organizing them. I used to always do that on my fridge when I was younger.

"Hi!" A girl with blonde hair yelled out at me. I jumped and backed into my locker door. I grunted as I banged into it.
I rubbed my head as a heard a chuckle from the girl. She had frizzy blonde hair, if you looked long enough you could see her freckles. She had many brackets on her rists, they jingled whenever she moved.
"Did I scare you? Sorry." She said.
I just stood there and stared at her for a moment. Usually people wouldn't talk to me. So I had to not ruin it!
" It's fine, I'm-, " I started, but the bell inturupted as if it doesn't want me to have a friend. I glanced at my paper and searched for my next class.
"I'm going to mathematics, which class are you going in? " The girl asked with a bright smile across her face.
"Uhm.. Uh, I have Science." I answered.

We both walked separate ways and I to our classrooms. I walked in and choose a random seat. I looked around examining the classroom. I looked next to me and noticed someone was sitting with me. He glanced at me and then started writing under his desk. "Uh, are you allowed to do that. " I asked in mostly a whisper.
He didn't look at me, but he put on a smirk. "Yeah, your allowed. " He said as his smirk grew even bigger. I took a pencil that was placed on the desk and started carving my name under the desk.
"David and Alexandra, I have a feeling I will need to be watching you two. " Said a large man walking towards us. I looked over at the Smirking lier, he was laughing.
"Hey! You said-"
"Alexandra! There is no yelling in my class, and no bad behavior, this is our first day of class. Change that atitude soon. " He exclaimed.
I didn't get it, how come he could yell?

It was the middle of class, I was taking notes in my notebook as best as I could since he thinks I'm trouble.
I looked next to be and saw him leaning over to me. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it," He whispered to me. I bent back away from him and back to my notebook. I heard him chuckle again has he leaned back into his chair. I looked over and examined his handsome hair, that I could tell wasn't brushed, he had brown eyes that matched his hair, a pretty brown, like Grizzlies fur kind of color.
"Alexandra, pay attention. " Mr. Martinson yelled. My face blew up red as he looked over at me and noticed my staring.
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