Crimson Blaze: Retribution

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Lukiel is genuinely happy for the first time since he became a vampire. He's found his brother, his family's massacre has been put to rest, and he's settled down with the love of his life - a former hunter, of all people. He even runs a successful business, and the townsfolk no longer look down on him as a killer. Adonai's former comrade Valyrna also pops in for a visit, and poor Illano is clearly smitten. But he still carries the pain of losing his fiancé a decade earlier. If he's to ever be happy again, he has to learn to let her go ... and push past his fears of being left behind again. Then a woman who claims to be Lukiel's aunt arrives unannounced. Her regret for her son's murderous rampage seems sincere, and yet her appearance triggers a chain of events that could ultimately lead to Lukiel's demise. After all, to get his protection pass, the vampire swore on penalty of death that he would never kill a human ...

Drama / Fantasy
Kaye Jewett
Age Rating:

Note to Readers

Since you've clicked on this story, you've probably already read my other book, Crimson Blaze: Redemption.
If not, then I highly recommend that you do. This is the second book in a series of six, so it won't completely make sense if you don't read the other one first. So hop over to my profile to click on Crimson Blaze: Redemption and have at it!
Thanks so much for the support! Hope you enjoy!
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