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The story is about a girl who was born into a nice family she was very beautiful and smart as well but dew to pre pressure and influence she took a wrong path in life

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Chapter 2

Years pass as Olivia and Irene were about to write there junior waec, and at that time Olivia's father was very sick and her mother was very worried because Mr ikem has been in coma for days now,and the doctor said it is a 50/50 chance of survival. Few days passed as the doctor said to Olivia and her mom that Mr ik did not come out of the coma, immediately Mrs lkem fainted and she was rushed into the emergency ward for treatment. Olivia cried her eyes out because she was very close to her father, she was sad about her father death and also worried about her mother that was in the emergency ward. After few months Mr ikem was buried and it was few days to Olivia's junior waec she was prepared, and so was Irene. The day came where they had to write the examination Irene and Olivia was sitting at separate sits in the examination hall, soon the invigilator came into the hall,and the examination started, there wrote the examination for one week and there stayed at home awaiting resumption. A sad news came to Olivia, that Irene was to going to England to further her education, Olivia wax very sad she cried for days, and made her mother feel bad.the next day Irene left for lagos to Broad the plane to England, Olivia was so sad that she did not eat or talk to anybody for days. Her mother saw her condition and decided to call her sister who lives in lagos whose name was Theresa, to talk to her if Olivia could Come stay with her in lagos, so as for her to further her education over there, so theresa said that she would talk to her husband about it, so there talked a little about some things and bid each other goodbye. Few days later, theresa called Mrs lkem and said that she will becoming to afuza to pick Olivia up to take her to lagos, Mrs lkem was very happy and she told Olivia, she was so excited that she went into her room to pack her clothes and other things. Before theresa arrived Mrs ikem sat Olivia down to give her advice, she told her not to disobey anybody and to be of best behaviour and other things. Soon after theresa arrived she was so excited to she her sister after so many years, Olivia saw her from inside and ran out to hug her, theresa was so happy to see her. Theresa spended some some days before living for lagos, Olivia cried when she was living, but when there got out of afuza see saw things that she has never seen in her life because she has never left afuza seen birth. After a long drive there got to lagos and the gate man opened the gate for them to drive in Olivia was go happy, it was a very beautiful house which she has only seen on movies. There went into the house and Olivia was shocked to see Theresa's children named maxwell, Matthew and merri Ment,there huged there mother so tightly and then asked there mother who Olivia was and Theresa introduced Olivia as there auntie who came from afuza and there where happy to see her. Then Theresa asked maxwell to show Olivia to the guest room.
When it was evening auntie theresa made dinner and asked Olivia to go and call the children from there rooms, when she came down she realised that auntie Theresa's husband had arrived from work whose named was shedrack, she greeted him and sat on the dinner table to eat.when eating auntie theresa said to Olivia that she will be taking her to her kids school for enrolment,Olivia was very happy, everyone went to bed after dinner, Olivia could not sleep because she was missing her mum very much and then she later fell asleep.
After few weeks her aunty took her to the school were her kids attend and the school was named alias academy. After the enrolment she was admitted into a new class (senior level) where she made new friends and there names were success and victory they were called the billionaires of the school because there alway had money which no one knows the source of the money but Olivia did not think of that at that time she only followed them because of there status. After few weeks success and victory had a fight and separated, Olivia was confused of who to follow so she decided to follow Victory. Victory started to influence Olivia negatively In the sense that she made Olivia run out of her auntie house at night to go to clubs and rich men parties to sell her body, she too because rich like victory even more richer. Soon after some few months Olivia decided to leave her auntie's house to go leave alone and she also dropped out of school and continued prostitution with victory. After few days of looking for Olivia her aunt decided to call her mother to tell her the situation on ground she was so heart broken to hear that Olivia had left the house.

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