Olivia twist

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The story is about a girl who was born into a nice family she was very beautiful and smart as well but dew to pre pressure and influence she took the wrong path in life

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Chapter one

Mr and Mrs ikem gave birth to a very beautiful girl who was named Olivia, there lived in a community named afuza. Olivia was a beautiful girl at birth, people who came to visit her brought her alot of gifts and also praised her beauty, her mother always called her my wealth because since she was born there received money and gifts from friends and close relatives. Olivia grew up becoming more beautiful by the day,she received praises everywhere she goes, Olivia was in basic six at a private school named merit foundation acedemy, she was about to write her entrance examination into the junior level. A few month later she resumed school after the holiday. It was a new beginning for her to experience new Changes such as:new classroom, new subjects, new teachers and some new classmate. That morning after the assembly, the students went to there new various classes. It was the first lesson after resumption, a huge man walked into the classroom and was greeted by the students, he introduced himself as Mr Williams who teaches mathematics and he also asked them to introduce themselves to him. After the introduction was done he started teaching a topic, it did not sound strange to Olivia ears because she was thought in basic six. After few minutes of teaching Mr Williams left the class, then another teacher came in, that was how it continued throughout the day, when it was time to go home Olivia packed up her things and headed home. On her way she had someone calling out to her and she stopped for a while and looked back it was a girl from her class actually a new intake, when she got close to Olivia she introduced her self to be Irene and Olivia said she already know because of the introduction that took place in the class,then there continued to walk together soon there both realised that there houses was close to each other, there bid each other good bye and went to there individual house. The next day, Olivia wax on her way to school she saw Irene and there exchanged greetings, and went to school together. After that day Olivia and Irene became good friends, there did every little thing together, either school work or house chores and other things. Olivia parents liked lrene alot because she was very beautiful and intelligent too and she had a lot of respect, so did Irene's parents love Olivia like a daughter, Olivia and Irene relationship made the. ere parents become friends.
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