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Breakdown high

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A group of teens go through life changing events. Relationship will be tested, secrets unravel, and words will have a bigger effect than they imagined. Come along with Aurora,Hazel,Blair, and Kai through their junior year! Warning ⚠️ This story will include sexual assault, Strong words, and smoking.

Drama / Romance
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“Why were you back so late!” My mom screams.

“I told you I had to work late!” I hear my dad shout back.

I open my eyes to the same thing every morning. It’s my first day of school. I decided to be homeschooled after the 4th grade. But that was before the fights.

I’ll be a junior this year. I think most people would be happy going back to school, seeing their friends. For me it was different, this was just a way for me to get out of the house.

Groaning, I turn and hop out the bed. One thing I will hate about school is waking up so early. I head to the bathroom Down the hall and turn on the lights.

Staring into the mirror I’m surprised to see I don’t have any bags under my eyes. I guess I was so tired I slept through my mom calling my dad over and over again. I brush my teeth and wash my face to get my day started.

I’m not good with makeup. Even though I watched so many tutorial videos on YouTube. I put on mascara and lipstick I got from Sephora. It’s mostly the two things I only do because that’s all I know how to do.

Taking a big step I attempted to do my eyeliner. My Pinterest is filled with all these beautiful girls with beautiful eyeliner designs.

You got this aurora!

Taking my time I finally finished. Looking into the mirror I see it’s not actually that bad. I curl my hair then look into my reflection. Ok bad bitch!

I walk out the bathroom and quickly head back to my room. One thing I am excited for is all the clothes I’m gonna wear. I spent the whole summer recarteing my closet.

I gave my old clothes to people in need. I hate getting new stuff and people are out struggling to make ends meet.

Opening my closet I grab my Betty boop red sweatshirt and a blue denim skirt. I add a pearl necklace and gold bracelets before slipping on my dr.martens. Feeling great about my outfit I grab my bag black bag off the hook and head out of my room.

Walking down the stairs I Hear my mom and dad talking but still yelling only for them to hear.

“You were with that bitch weren’t you?”

“How many times do I have to tell you no!”

They go back and forth not seeing I’m there. “Hey I’m ready for school” I state trying to get they’re attention . Still wrapped up in their conversation they don’t say anything to me.

Huffing, I walk past them to get my breakfast. I grab a apple and my sandwich for school.

Finally seeing me my dad speaks. “Oh hey honey you ready for school?”

Nodding my head I take a bite of my apple.

“Want me to take you?” He asks.

Before I can answer my mom intervenes “is that your way of getting out of this conversation?”

“No I just wanna take her to school damn” my dad swears.

“Don’t you even-“ I walk out the kitchen not wanting to hear the rest of their argument. They always argue about everything. They sometimes get so hung up in the arguments they completely forget about me.

I hop on my pink scooter and head to school.

㋛ ㋛ ㋛

“Thank you so much” I say smiling at the front desk lady. She nods her head and hands me my schedule. The school is really large and Hathaway is clean. Students are laughing, playing, and doing whatever in the hall.

“Yes Mr.white I will not make any more trouble I promise” I hear from the side of me. “Say hey to your wife for me yea?”

I look up to see a black hair girl talking to who I persome is my principal. She’s wearing a black nirvana shirt, blue denim shorts, with fishnets stockings underneath paired with a black belt.

She sees me staring and asks “you new?”

I nod my head “yes it’s my first time as A highschooler I was homeschooled.

“Seems like you need a friend” she smiles walking over to me.

“I’m Hazel” she takes out her hand for me to shake.

“Aurora” I shake her hand.

We walk out the main office looking over my schedule. She informs me what classes we do and don’t have together.

“You don’t have first period with me but you should be fine”

“Wassup bitchs” a female voice appears. An ecstatic female Standing at 5’4, dark brown hair that’s down to her back, brown eyes, and a huge smile comes our way. She and Hazel jump into each other’s arms laughing and giggling.

“Look who’s actually on time” Hazel says, pulling out of the hug.

“Oh hush I’m not always that late” the girl rolls her eyes. “ you look nice today haze I’m surprised”

“You always know what to say” Hazel replies before looking over at me. “This is my new friend aurora”

I smile shyly at the girl.

“That’s a pretty name,I’m Blair” I take in how confident she is. She’s wearing a white cardigan, mini black skirt, white headband, and a Chanel bag. Tones of boys are geeking at her every move like she was a god.

“Hey my two pretty ladies” a grinning boy appears.

“Hey Kai” Hazel and Blair say at the same time.

He swings his arms around Hazel and me as we walk. “Whose this' ' he questions.

“Aurora, our new friend,she’s been homeschooled so this is her first time in high school” Hazel answers.

“Well it looks like I have three pretty best friends now” the brown haired boy smiles. He towers over us making us look like ants with his Blue eyes , sharp jawline, and slim nose. His style is good too. Oversized green Nike sweatshirt, blue jeans that are rolled up at the bottom, paired with black converse.

“Where’s everyone’s first class” I ask.

“Well me and Kai have class together but you and Blair are in the same class. Hazel nods to my schedule.

“Ok so let’s go to this boring welcome to school thing and then we’ll head to class” Blair announces.

We all nod our heads and head to the school Auditorium.

☹︎ ☹︎ ☹︎

Blair,Kai,Hazel and I take out seats waiting for the welcome back Seminar as Students are full up each row.

A man in a white shirt and jeans walks on the stage.

“Ok quiet down students” not hearing or just not listening, students still ramble on.

“I said quiet” all the students' attention breaks from their conversation.

“This year is our school is welcoming new football members” he starts,

“Y’all coming to my game right?” Kai asks.

“You're on the football team?”

“Yea so make sure you check out my game Friday”

I nod my head and turn back to the teacher.

☞︎ ☞︎ ☞︎

The interaction ended shortly after. Hazel and Kai went off to their class promising to check up with Blair and I at lunch . Me and Blair walked together until she went off to the bathroom. I searched for my class 23.


My steps came to a halt when I reached my class room. A group of boys standing in front of the door are too busy in their conversation to notice me.

I always get nervous talking to boys. I only had one boyfriend. Luke. He was my neighbor and we would always play together. One day he asked me out by giving me a ring pop. Of course I said yes. The next day he broke up with me because I beat him in rock paper scissors.

We were five.

No boy ever since has looked at me or liked me. Every guy wants tall beautiful model type girls. Not me.

Gathering all my courage, I walk over to the boys. “ I need to get in here”

The boys stop their conversation and eyes land on me.

“Hm?” one of the boys said. He has red hair,green eyes,freckles and plum red lips.

“Hi I need to-“ I try to move but one of the guys stands in my way moving past the red head boy.

“Wait let’s have a chat” he says with a smile showing his teeth. oh no.

“I don’t wanna talk right now” I admit.

“Why not that pretty little mouth of yours should be put to use” he smirks

My eyes go wide from his comment. No one has ever told me I was pretty or my mouth.

Seeing my expressions he chuckles “did I scare you?”

“No no of course not-” I tried to convince him but by the tone of my voice he could tell I was lying.

The red head boy grabs the guy by the collar of his jacket and pushes him against the wall. “ leave her alone or I’ll bash your head in she’s clearly not interested”

“Ok ok I’m sorry” the guy whimpers. I stand there frozen as the redhead lets the boy go.

The boy runs so fast you would think he’s the flash.

I didn’t expect the red head to defend me like that. But I’m glad he did.

Suddenly a blonde hair boy appears in the doorway.“What's going on out here?”

“Nothing,” the red head dryly answers.

He stares at me silently then turns and leaves.

“Sorry about him, he's a hot head” the blonde boy named Aaron smiles.

“Whose a hot head?” Blair appears.

“Jason” Aaron replies”

“He was actually helping me” I don’t want him to be accused of something he didn’t do.

We walk into the classroom and choose our seats.

Taking a seat in the middle of the room I start to take out my supplies.

“Im Aaron by the way” he takes his hand out for me to shake.

“Aurora” accepting the kind I shake his hand.

I turn back around and get ready for class to start.

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