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A girl named Summer whose family is built upon the weather. She has trouble with 2 of her sisters both named Winter. Will she be able to fix it on her own or will she need help to do so?

Drama / Humor
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A Daughter Named Winter

Things haves always been nice until Winter and winter came. My Mom gave birth and had a girl which she named Winter. Soon the real winter came and everyday I went to go to school but after school I had to bring Winter with me to the park because that’s the park she loves and she loves winter because her name is Winter. Not that I enjoy it because I prefer summer. And that’s because my name is Summer. My Mom and Dad’s names is Autumn and my brother’s name is Fall. I have another sister who’s name is Spring. Imagine that, everyone in my family is connected to the weather. Everything was going well when Winter fell into a flew. My Mom thought that it was best to bring her more hours outside, but she just got worse. So, I went with her to see the doctor. Unfortunately, for her the doctor said that she could not go outside for the rest of winter. Winter was so sad, she began to cry. She loved winter because that was her name and she couldn’t go outside for the rest of winter. Then one day when she was turning 14 and she to our Mom, “I don’t want to be named Winter anymore, I want to be Sarah”. But Mom answered “I’m sorry sweetie but the doctor said that you couldn’t go outside during winter even if you love it”. “No that’s not what I mean, I don’t want be Winter! I want to be called Sarah”!! she cried. “Winter come right now, we need to talk”. But winter was to far gone and so was Winter.

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