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Winter isn't Coming Back

Today Winter is leaving. She stayed awake all night to fix the belongs she would carry and where she would go. Lately, she’s saved $100,000,000 to go who knows where. We just hope she’s safe and that she would come back. But after receiving a text from her saying that she was living in a casino and that she was happy because she had many friends and she partied all the time, I became sad and said to Mom, “ Winter isn’t coming back. She’s living in a casino with friends and parties every day”. After I said this, my Mom cried and slammed the door behind her in her room and wouldn’t come out till evening. This why I care about my family. My family’s having good times now, but the best thing for my Mom is that she had a baby and named her Winter. Winter was very sweet and of course, listened all the time to our parents. She even promised that she would take care of our parents when they were old. One day without my mother knowing I told Winter the phone number of her older sister named Winter like her. When she called, Winter answered and we heard in the background that she was parting. However, Winter said to me and Winter that we could come over to her place the next day. Both Winters were excited. When we came the next day Winter was happy to see us, but when she asked my little sister her name she said Winter the older Winter just laughed and wanted that they become friends.

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