Why I Care

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My Life Changed

For many years I’ve been trying to help little Winter with her condition. And so I prayed that she would become a Christion and go to church with me, and of course for my parents. Here’s what I prayed in my prayer:

Dear Jesus, my life is in difficulty and I need your help. Please take my little sister and my family to get to know you. I can’t stand being the only Christian at my house. I need more hands in my job to serve you and bring others to you. Thank you for encouraging me each and every day as I continue to serve you and do your will. Protect little Winter from our big sister’s harm and evil thought. Please change the older Winter’s heart and destroy her evil heart and give her the heart to serve you. To bless her family, herself, her friends and people surrounding her. Bless me and my family. Keep us safe and protect the family. And covert us with the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord. In Jesus’s name in whom I pray to you Lord, Gord, Amen.

And every day I prayed and waited for God’s calling. I knew he would hear me.

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