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God's Answer to My Prayers

After years of praying, working and teaching little Winter finally gave her life to Jesus. I tried so hard and now my family one by one is giving their life to Jesus. It made happy to know that God answered my prayers. Tears of joy fell down my cheek has my family one by one started to give up the fight against the Lord. Now they are surrendered to him and now serve him. Now the hard part was totally grown Winter who was the second oldest after me and now a young adult. She was running out of money and instead of partying, she would work, get her money and asked for money. This occurred the fact she stopped school when she fled from the house. She was in middle school (6th grade) back then. She had the poorest job any rich girl would never want to have. Every day she searched to find jobs that paid a lot and that was far enough from the family. Eventually, she is working in California, U.S.A with Hollywood (she had a small role with the crew) while we lived in Montréal, Qc. She was paid around $300 per hour. So she worked for 12 hours every day. However, she still doesn’t work on Sabbaths and Sundays. I thought to talk would work but I found out that she was already married and has like 7 kids. And now she hates our family and will think that she was even a part of it. Life was hard and sorrowful.

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