Why I Care

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My New Life

Me, on the other hand, loved my family. Life was going pretty well. I finally met a nice, cute, and intelligent young man who was a writer. We were in love and one day went on a date. The date was my first best experience in life and I knew that he was the man that I had to marry. Soon, there wasn’t one day that we weren’t together. What a joy. After a couple of months, he decided to ask me the question of my life. “Will You Marry Me?” I cried with joy, I couldn’t answer. Finally, after a while, I said the magic word. “Yes, of course, I will.” “I love you.” We decided to have the wedding on August 13. It was also the day that we both got baptized the year before. What a joy. Our honeymoon was planned for the night of August 14, the day of our birthdays.

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