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The Biggest Day of My Life

On the day of our marriage, we decided to do it in Hollywood. That was the same place my sister worked, but I’ve already lost the memory of her. The wedding was fantastic and filled with joy. The last name of my husband and I was Shine. We were Mr. and Mrs. Shine. My husband’s full name was John Shakespeare Shine. My name was Summer Elizabeth Shine. For the honeymoon, we went to visit the Hollywood crew. When we went I recognized Winter but she didn’t for me. She introduced us to everyone and gave us a tour. My husband was happy but I was burning in anger on the inside. John, seeing me happy but not so happy asked, “What Happened??” I replied in a mixed mad and happy voice, “My sister is the tour guide and she didn’t even recognize me!!!” My husband just stood and look at me totally confused. I soon realized that he hadn’t met my sister, so I went to my sister, took a picture even though she tried to hide her face. I lied and said that I’m the wife of the CEO and was to take a picture of my server so that he can reward that person if she/he did a good job, which she did. So, eventually, she gave in. When I showed my actual husband who she was, he stared in even more confused. When my sister came back and saw my husband, she let out a screech and said to me, “Why did you ly to me?!” “You just wanted me to lose my job for nothing.” I just yelled back, “Why don’t you figure it out?!” “Why don’t you at least say hi and at least ask me how life is going.” “What happening?” “Are you married yet?” “And tell me about you.” She just stood there and blinked. “What are you talking about Ma’am?” she asked. “I AM YOUR OLDER SISTER.” “DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND OR RECOGNIZE ME.” “I LOOK THE SAME, YOU CHANGED, SO LOSE YOUR JOB, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU COME HOME.” By now everyone including tour guides stared at us. My husband finally spoke up and said, “Come here, you aren’t going to work today let’s go.” And he and I grabbed her out of the place. At my new family house, everyone acted as if nothing happened.

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