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My Sister Finally Changes

At the house my sister was calm and talked about her family, life, difficulties and etc has if we were in a bond. Even my husband was surprised and wonder about what happened. It even looked like he was daydreaming. Which he did because after 4 hours of talking and sharing I was about to bring my sister to our family when I shooked his shoulder and said, “ I’m going out.” He didn’t even move. After a while, he said, “What’s happening?” “We’re at home, honey.” I’ll be back in a few.” As soon I left the house I returned and told John to come with us, which he did. At home, our parents were already aging but when we arrived they leaped confused and with joy as if they were still young. We talked and shared and ate and lived has the family came to bond again. After another 4 hours, John told me that the honeymoon was soon and that we had to get to the hotel to prepare. We all said goodbye, but then my parents insisted on coming with Winter to prepare the hotel with us. Which we gladly agreed. After an hour of food preparation and decoration, we were ready and everyone else left. I was alone in the house with John. We danced, ate, watched tv and ate popcorn at the same time, and then went to bed. The next morning we stayed at home and enjoyed our selves. The next day, we searched and applied for jobs, and after we packed and went home. It was the best week of our lives. And we enjoyed it very much.

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