Summer troubles

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She is coming of age where she has a want. No a need. To find out what she likes. Her and her friends slowly venture into new grounds of adolescence. Bella burns old bridges so that there is light to show her a new path. Her friends chose the wrong paths and now are bringing her with them. They do foolish things, just to get that little ment of freedom. Some bad choices lead to them getting in major trouble, but it can't the that bad can it?

Drama / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Start of summer yay! So exciting, having to stay in an study for next year while my friends can goof off. Thanks mom and dad, you know I don't what their problem is I'm a pretty good student, I'm the perfect little athlete they wanted and they still don't let me go off and enjoy summer. I dont what more they want, I don't get to experience life sitting here in my room studying over some shit topic I could care less about. Its the first week of summer break and I can already tell thats its not going to be exciting.
"Bella come down lunch is ready!" I hear my mom shout from the bottom of the stairs. Relieved I can stop pretending to do studying I rush down stairs. I walk down to the table excited to finally eat, when I see what's on the table. My mom somehow got it into her head that I need to go on a vegetarian diet to get ready for next sports season, so it's salads, falafel, and quinoa for me.
"Thanks mama," I say placing food on my plate.
"How is your studying coming along, honey?" She says smiling.
"Alright I mean nothing exciting," we eat our food in quiet.
"Well make sure you finish that book I got you, I think it will be very insightful on the lesson of life," I sigh disappointed, I want to experience life.not read about it is what I want to shout but I keep to myself.
"I will mama, thank you for lunch," I rush upstairs to resume my so called studying. My phone keeps.buzzing with updates. All my friends are out enjoying their summer like one should be doing. They are out partying and enjoying the summer heat. I open up a message from the group chat:
Omg guys there's ment to be a huge party at Derick's we should all go! - Jade
Ooh I wanna go, when is it?! - Rachel
I think like 11 tn we can get ready at my place- Jade
Okaay! I'll bring the pregame stuff Madelane got beer- Eva
Guys Idk if imma be aloud to come- Bella
Come ooon it'll be fun!- Jade
Yh there's nothing better than starting the summer with a partay- Eva
I'll see if I can come but, my mom is gonna say no- Bella
Alright but if u dont come we are getting ur ass putta there- Rachel
I feel excitement build up, with a bit of nerves, I haven't been to party since Eva's little birthday get together. I spend the rest of the day finishing off my homework. Around 5 I'm called down for dinner. I look around for Dad, still not home. I spot mama in the kitchen plating up pasta, "mama where is dad?" I question.
"She said a meeting wen tover te so he'll be a little late home," I spot a bit of bitterness towards this in her cold blue silvery eyes. "Come eat some food," she hands me a plate. I bring my food to the table and eat. After I make an excuse to leave to bed early. I hug my mom good night and go to my room.
Already on people's stories I can see that they were on their way to the party. My stomach curled with nerves, and my mind swirled with anxious thoughts. At around 10 I here little taps.ony window. I open my window to who it was barley missing a small pebble iduck out of the way. "Watch out damn!" I whisper loudly poking my head back out. Rachel, and Eva wave hello.
"Come down, come on we gotta go to Jade's," Rachep says loudly.
"Shhhh you're gonna wake up my mom," I say crawling out the window almost missing a step from our giggling.
"We don't have all night," Eva says loudly laughing harder. I jump to the ground wondering how the hell I'm going to get back in. "Really your uggs?" Eva teases. We start pur way down the road. A block down we spot a car steamed up. Rachel points it out walking near, we are across the road looking at it.
"Get a room!" Eva shouts. Laughing our head off we walk by it, until there's an unexpected close of a door. We turn around to see who was getting there shit on. I stop in my tracks speechless.
"Dad?" The figure looks back, i can see his shirt is half buttoned and his hair out of place.
"Bella?" Was the response. I hear behind me Eva say, oh shit.
"What the fuck Dad!" I say louder storming up to him.
"I can explain," he stutters, "it- it was only a one time thing u swear princess," he tries making an excuse.
"What the fuck?" Is all I manage to say.
"OK OK stop swearing Bella. What are you doing out so late?" He puts on a facade of fake sturdiness.
"No don't flip the tables, what are you doing," I feel tears swelling up. My dad, he just, he just cheated. What the fuck!
"OK look Princess what about we make a deal we keep this between us and I can let just go off the hook just this night though," for a lawyer he sucked at this negotiation but I was to angry with him talk to him any more. I turn back round and go back the way I was going.
"B you good?" Rachel puts a supportive hand around me. I feel the tears swell large and hot.
"Yeah I'll cope," I croak out holding back.
"We are here for you girly tou understand," Eva says warmly.
"I know, I just wanna forget about it right now," I stop the conversation grabbing a beer from Eva's hands, and take a large sip.
Let the fun begin.

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