Summer troubles

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Chapter 2

We arrive at Jade's place in a couple of minuets. Her parents were off on vacation all summer so it was meant to only be her but we were surprised when a guy opened the door. "And who are you guys?" He asks looking over us. "What wrong with her?" He points me out, I was crying a little so I must've had red eyes.
"Let them in Alex!" We hear Jade's shout from the stairs popping out of her room into the hall. We rush upstairs under the intence look of Alex. Eva sighs heavily, "who was that hottie?" Opening up four bottles we start the night off. Eva works her way to Jade's closet. "Uuuh that is my babysitter," Jade's says disgustingly. She turns her attention towards me. "What happened B?" It all went quiet. I don't even know myself what had just happened. I am in complete shock myself. "Well, ugh we saw," Eva starts off.
"We saw her dad come out the car, after cheating," Rachel finishes it off coming by my side, comforting me. She always was she mother of the group.
"Oh shit, I'm so sorry B," Jade says looking pitifully,"maybe this party will do you se good," you know what she's right. I'm going to use this opportunity to my advantage, tonight I'm going to dance how ever much I want, drink till I black out. Swiftly I get up and shake it off, "I am not going to let my dad's shitty life decisions ruin my night, I'm going to party to my hearts content," I vow. Eva squeaks and quickly starts pulling out clothes. "Sooo, is anything going to happen between you and Mr. Luca downstairs?" I say indulging in some gossip. Jade blushes immediately.
"Uh, uh noo I don't think so," she says shyly looking down at her drink.
"Oooh is that blushing I see," we all sing in unison.
"Guys stop he's cute and all but my parents would never let me," Jade smiles a little.
"Screw your parents girl! You like him try it out see how it goes,"
"Plus since your parents are out all the time, they hire him more meaning you can see him without excuses," we make a plan. Eva finally decides that we are all going to match in the style of the dress but have out own colors. "Jade why the heck do you have the same dress in four different colors?" Eva tosses us our fits. I get a pretty sparkly emerald one, Rachel gets a hot pink one, Eva gets the blue one and Jade picks the red one. All dressed up we leave the house. "Jade could you waot a second," Luca says grabbing Jade's elbow with a small smirk. All of us looked at her encouragingly, and we left her to it; not without staying near the door way to eavesdrop. "Be careful alright," his voice is low.
"You can come if you want everyone is going,"
"No no I trust you but please be careful alright if there is any trouble you have my number," eyes wide we give each other the look. Jade walks out all rosy as a rose, oooo we sing. Just two streets down we walk into a now parking lot of a street. Herds of people were walking to Derick's mansion, amazed Rachel says, "I forgot how big Derick's mansion is." Jokingly I respond with, "you know what is big," shocked Rachel slaps me. As I enter the house I garb the nearest drink, sadly it was already in someone else's hands but no biggie, "Hey!" I hand him back his cup and say "whoops."
We venture into the main area, it is completely packed with people. Eva looks around us, "wheres Rachel?" All of a sudden we notice we don't see her. "Must've gone to see here little boyfriend," was the conclusion. Tired of the talk I started to scope out the place. Spotting my location I shout over the music,"I'm going to go get drinks," I make my way over the table of drinks and grab the nearest bottle of vodka and take a swing. I see a group of girls judge me, with snarky eyes. "What?" I say back. I dance my way back to to center. Eva was dancing on some random dude, and Jade was tlakong her crush so I went on partying by myself. I let the music take over my body, the sound overtook my body and I let the waves flow through my body. I spot a boy in the corner looking at me. I continue dancing to my content, completely aware that my dress was to short. Every now and then taking a sip of the vodka. The lights were dim and I felt as if I found peace amongst the chaos of the living room. The magic of the alcohol and the deepusic takes over, lettinge forget the troubles of my world. I feel a hand on my waist, "Excuse me miss," a husky voice whispers in my ear barley audible, sending shivers down my spine. I turn around let the person through, I look at him with desire as he passes. He walks by, looking back only once, I stop in my tracks feeling a heat go through me. We make intense eye contact as he is dragged to dance with another girl. As he gets grinded on he doesn't break eye contact. I grab the beast guy and start my dance on him. I felt powerful, I didn't break the connection when he finally turns away. I am now being held by some drunk guy. Both of us sweating, the mix of alcohol and sweat mix in our air. I shorten the gap between our lips, the air hot when I am suddenly pulled apart. "Hey!" Was all I heard then I was in the arms of the mysterious boy. He muscly features I could feel his abs through his shirt. The smell of woody cologne filled my nose pleasurably. His eyes were deep and he had wisps of hair fall out of place that gave him a certain look. In that moment, in that second it was just us. Completely absorbed in each other's eyes, we were in our own world. Just us amongst a crowd. His hands guide my waste to his rhythm. Gripping my ass onto him, I can feel his bulge press against the thin layer of my dress and thong. At eye level I pull him in with my mouth by his ear I whisper needing, "we should go somewhere more private," I nibble him ear and kiss his neck delicately.
"I know a place," his hot breathe brushing neck, as he returns the kiss. He pulls apart looking at me needingly, then leads the way.

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