Summer troubles

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Chapter 3

I look down trying to find a familiar face but I don't find any. The alcohol setting in, my head swims in its own reality. This man is damn fine, he must be Spanish or Italian with his olive skin and dark features and chocolatey eyes. I spot an open door and pull us in, I stop in my tracks as I see where Rachel had gone off to. Her and her boyfriend were busy in the sheets, apologeticly I close the door. I burst out laughing, no reason. No reason at all, it just felt right. He laughs along with me as if we heard the same joke. "Come on my room is over here," we go up another floor where the music fades and its just our giggles. There's something in this person I've been craving. The twinkle in his eye let's me know we are in a different dimension when we're together. "Come here," he gravitates towards me our kisses steady and small at first. But as our bodies collide our lust grows I know his does by the hardening bulge in his pants. Our kisses become more passionate. His hand slowly making its way up my bare thigh to the thin lace of my panties. A small innocent moan escapes my lips, he pulls away smiling to himself before I grab him by his shirt and crash my lips onto his. We make it to his room, and I'm thrown onto the bed. "Stay," he commands as he turns to go to the bathroom. As he walks back in half naked with his solid abs out and just his. I mischievously I slip out of my dress leaving me in only my small thong. Gawping at me he strides up to me, I stop him before he can kiss me more. "I want control tonight," I say hungrily looking over his body. Twirling he's put in his place. The bed. I climb on top mounting my chosen man. His dick pressing into my clit, my body begging for him to be in me. Slowly I grind, building the pressure. I kiss his collar bone, then slowly lick my way to his neck then to his mouth. His hands grab my ass guiding me to meet his needs. I moan loudly as my nipples are bit and caressed. I can feel myself building up. Slyly I unbutton his pants and get on the floor, looking up I slide his pants off. The only thing stopping me from me and what I want are his boxers which were torn off. His dick springs up wanting release, I wrap my hand then my lips around his tip. His hand secures my head in his dick and starts moaning. "Like that," he moans face fucking me. He pulls me up onto his lap, then onto my back. Opening my legs he expertly puts little pecks on my inner thighs. Oh fuck how much I want him to eat me out. As if he read my mind him starts teasing my clit with his tongue he looks up at me amused at the little moans espcaing me. Suddenly he stops leaving my pussy wetter than ever. With a little annoyance, I see him putting on a condom. His dick seemed a lot bigger than I imagined bigger than the average size no doubt. He crawls back on top of me, his chain hanging from his neck. My hands find their way to his pulsating memeber, as I slide slide condom off. I pull him in for a kiss and then say my command, "fuck me I want you," without a second thought he works his memeber into my tight wet pussy. Barley fitting he starts off with slow full thrusts, arching my back I feel my orgasm nearing. When he starts going faster I am over whelmed with pleasure. I claw his back as he keeps going harder and faster. "Fuck don't stop," he keeps the pase up. I am over come with waves of my orgasm. I hear him give a low husky grunt as his member reaches what seems to be my guts. I cant get enough of him. I take my turn to ride my oragsm, till he comes. Now on top of him I see admiration in his eyes as my tits jiggle up and down, "if you want them get them, they're yours," I say riding his dick as I feel him coming to his near. "Fuck," he says throwing his head onto the pillow, encouraging me to go faster. He now steadies himself clutching my bare ass in him large hands. "Fuck, get off I'm going to come," he warns in a low voice, but I don't. "Ahhh it feels so good," he says slipping to his own pleasure. I pick it up more. "Get off I'm going to come," he moans loudly. I feel him come inside me, evilly I enjoy every second. On top is where I feel the most power. He groans low as I slow down the pace. "Good boy," is what escapes my lips before I kiss his lips. He looks at my bemused by this and he pulls me in tighter for the kiss. There we lay in his sheets panting. "That felt amazing," I mange to say as I clam myself down.
"I couldn't say it any better," he agrees, i notice a small tinge of an accident. Content with my night I slowly drift off to sleep in this stranger's bed. Oh shit! I don't even know his name. "Uuh excuse me what's your name?" I look over my shoulder.
"Now you decide to ask my name after we fucked each other? It's Luca" he laughs wearily. "You?"
"Bella," I say wearily closing my eyes.
"Nice to meet you."
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