Summer troubles

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Chapter 4

I wake up with a pounding headache, in the darkness. I here Luca snoring lightly somewhere on the bed. Aburptly a sound breaks the silence, my phone lighting its location. Shit what time is it? I jump out of bed and dive for my phone to answer it. "Yes?" I croak before clearing my throat.
"B where are you? The cops just busted the party," Rachel says louder than needed. I scratch my eyes, stumbling to get my dress back on. "B?"
"Yeah I hear ya, I'm coming down right now,"
"Alright, the girls already left I'll wait outside for you," with that said she hangs up. Luca groans looking around cluessly, then goes back to his dreaming. As ireep down the stairs I miss a step and on my ass. Oh no I hope that doesn't bruise, I think to myself.
The fresh chill of the night snaps me from my sleep walking. Rachel waves to come to her, together we walk back to our houses, in silence, both heals in hand, and our makeup smudged. "Alright this is me," I part Rachel with a hug and stumble inside, my dad must've kept it open. I can feel major hangover taking over. Flopping onto my bed I am gladly wrapped up in my duvet.
At the crack of dawn I hear my alarm screaming at me to wake up. What is up with not being able to get a decent nights sleep?! Grumpily I slam down on it. Oof I look rough, I see myself in mirror as I get ready to confront my parents downstairs. I dress up in my basketball training outfit, lose long shorts, with a Jersey and a high ponytail. There's a small knock on my door, "come in!" I trun around to face my dad standing in the door way.
"Good night?"
"Mhm," I say with a flat smile.
"Well that's going to be the first and last time you understand? And what you saw last night is NOT to be mentioned to your mother," he puts his cards on the tables. Oh how I want to gamble with this, I know perfectly well that I have the upper hand, but I love both my parents. I don't want for this too all go to shit so I comply.
"Alright I won't tell Mom about last night, and you won't either... But I get more freedom this summer, I really want to enjoy this one," I hold out my hand, with a deep sigh my Father takes it.
It makes me queasy seeing how my Dad can just pretend like what he did was normal. Kissing my Mom goodorning with a happy smile as if he loved her jus tthe same. Was it normal to him, I mean that was the only time I caught him? Were there other times? How long has he been doing this? I avoid both of them as I cycle out to the courts where I'm meant to meet up with Coach.
The sun doesn't stop burning all through out the morning, making my training that much harder. "Coach can I get some water?" I shout walking over to my bottle.
"Yeah, let's have a couple minuets break then do a cool, I'm sweating balls over here," Coach laughs fanning himself with his shirt. I use this time to let myself go. The only thing I couldn't stop thinking about was my Dad, I have so many questions, it's as if a snake had been awaked and now slithers deep within my core. I felt betrayed, he was my Dad, my role model and I was his little princess. Not anymore. I don't want to associate myself with him, with a man that couldn't keep it in his pants, a man that has a family and still went behind our backs!
I use my anger to fuel my training today, I pushed myself harder every second. I'm sure if coach didn't call quits I would've passed out. "OK that's practice done," coach slaps my back and goes to pack his stuff. As I grab my bag a familiar face catches my eyes. In the distance, on a bike a boy was waving at me. I squit to look, Luca? My mouth repeats my thoughts, "Luca?" I finally wave back awkwardly. He rides by the fence and balances himself before me.
"Hi there stranger," he smiles happily. He was shirtless with basketball shorts on and the original red Jordan 1s.
"Hey?" I say awkwardly not knowing what to do.
"I'm going to go get ice cream wanna come? It's on me," he adds hoping that I accept.
"Uhhh, I don't know I have to get back home, and also I'm not allowed," I confess walking to my own bike.
"Well once won't hurt anybody, I won't tell if you don't," he follows pursuit. I take a moment to think it over. Am I actually going to accept it, I literally fucked him last night without knowing his name.
"Uh yeah okay but I'll have to leave soon," i smile on the outside as I slap my head on the inside. What am I thinking? Smiling even more he goes on the path, looking back once take sure I was following him.
We arrive at the cutest little gelato shop, we'll more like a caravan that was made into a shop. As we walk inside we can see a huge amount of gelato flavors displayed. "What would you like Bella?" He looks at my thoughtfully.
"Um I dunno maybe stracatella with a cone," I through the glass.
"Alrighty, we'll have two cones, one with chocolate and cookie dough, the other with two scoops of stracatella. Please and thank you," he nodds content with the order and hands me mine. We find a place in the shade by some trees and enjoy our treat there.
"Soooo?" I say looking around searching for something to talk about.
"Soooo, I feel like we started off a little more head on than needed," he laughs.
"Yeeah, sorry about that," I smile apologetically.
"Nah there's no need to be sorry, I was shocked but I was feeling it you know?"
"I mean I was completely feeling it," I respond laughing as well. "If you couldn't tell," I turn my head over to him, already looking at me. Butterflies instantly flutter in my stomach, how is it possible he's more attractive now?!
"So all I know right now is your name, Bella, should I know anything else," switching the subject and diverting his eyes as he quickly looks away.
"You first Luca,"
"OK well let's see... I am Derick's cousin, I was born in Italy, my favourite flavor of gelato is mint choc chip, I'm the second son of Francisco Ranso. I love travelling and chilling with good company," with a cute smile he reverses the cards.
"Uhh, my name is Bella, I like food, I uuuh I don't know?" I throw my hands up in despare. "What do wanna know deep shit or like surface level type of stuff?"
"Oooh choices OK, how about you tell me a surface level problem, then over dinner I will hand over my limited expertise," bold move Luca, I think. I feel my cheeks reddening as I look into his calming eyes, searching if this was a joke or not. I finally make my decision, "OK deal, my surface level problem right now is that I burn easily and it's sunny," I joke smiling stupidly.
"OK OK I can work with that. Now for dinner? 8 sounds good?"
"So here's the thing I need to ask my parents before I can go, but I'll just text you if it's a yes or no," I hesitate and then go and take his phone out of his pocket. As I lift my eyes from his phone his face gives out an emotion of subtle surprise at my sudden boldness. Once finished i hand it back with an embarrassed smile, he hadn't taken his eyes off of me. "What?" I ask nervous. Without responding he gives me a lop sided smile, he stands up and bows holding out a hand, I gracefully take it. Kissing it slightly he straightens up, "8 o'clock it is mia bella ragazza,"
"Bye Luca," I scoff, climbing back onto our bikes we part.
I ride home the fastest I've ever done. My heart racing a thousand miles per hour. I couldn't wipe the excited look off my face, that is until I'm encountered with my fuming mother. I can tell instantly that the air in the house is a spark away from blowing up. I lock the door precautiously, I follow her into the living room. This is definitely going to be a good one. "Sit." She points to the big leather arm chair across the couch. "So why are you so late," I give out a deep inner sigh of relief. "Answer me!" Patience running low.
"I-I I just met a friend in the park and decided to catch up," I say half explaining myself.
"Oh a friend, and who is this so called friend?" I feel like I'm under a spot light, being integrated in a room, with the oxygen supply quickly becoming lower.
"Yeah a friend he's staying at the Webcomb's house, he's very sweet," I add trying not to show my panicky breathing.
"It's a he is it? You know you're not allowed to be with boys without a supervisor, and plus you should've told you're father or I about your whereabouts!" Her voice becoming ever so slightly louder.
"This is ridiculous Mom! He's a friend he isn't, we aren't going to do anything! I'm a virgin, Jesus!" A lie yes but, she would kill me if she found the truth.
"Are you trying to get grounded?" She crosses her arms glaring at me. You ugly ass mother fucking bitch leave me be and let me live my life! Is what I wanted to scream but I collect myself.
"No but you are making it awfully difficult for me to actually enjoy my life! I can't go out with friends, I cant date, I can't go anywhere with out you controlling anything! Would it make better for you if I was into girls?" I let it rip, so much for collecting myself. I'm panting at the end waiting for the verdict.
"Go. To. Your. Fucking. Room you ungrateful bitch!" She stands up pointing to the stairs. Frustrated I stomp up the stairs. "And don't come out till you learn that what I'm doing for you is for the best!" I hear muffled through the door. I can hear my dad trying to calm her down desperately but was almost as successful as water being poured onto an electrical fire. "You're grounded for two weeks!" Is the last I heard of her. An urge of complete hysteria tries to take over me but, all I let out are sobs. For hours I cried. Why is it that my life is seeming to go to shit, I just want to be normal with a normal family. It wasn't until I heard a ding from my phone that I wipe my tears.
Heyy! So does sushi sound good? -Luca
Oh no, I start tearing up again. I forgot about the date. Hurriedly I type,
I got grounded I'm so sry I hope we can reschedule- Bella
Oh no that's sucks. It's alright Bella I don't think the sushi place is going anywhere. Raincheck it is- Luca
Thnq I'm rlly rlly sry Luca I'll make it up I promise- Bella
I shut my phone and I left the darkness cover me in its secure hug. I felt safe, no one could see my puffy eyes, and tear stained cheeks. I learned long before to befriend the monster that dress themselves in the clothes of the shadows
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