Heavy Lies the Crown

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Synopsis: Freya was the last royal of her bloodline. To keep the bloodline going, she was arranged to marry Valyria’s future King Lucian. The life of a royal is new to her, and she knows nothing of being a Queen. She learns the ups and downs of having a crown on your head and the dangers along with it. She must fight against enemies far and near to keep her life and secure her place as the Queen of Zamira before the crown is taken from her by her enemies. In the beginning, she thought being Queen was a burden, but soon she learns it means more than just wearing a crown on your head.

Drama / Romance
Hawa Abdikadir
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Freya Rose- Queen of Zamiria,(Dark Black hair, green eyes. Curvy figure, kinda short 5’4) Age:19

Lucian Black- future King of Valyria( Black chin-length hair, blue eyes, stubble, Tall (6’3muscular)Age: 25

Lucas Black-3 year old son of Lucian. (Blue eyes, short curly brown hair, adorable.)

Anastasia Stewart- Ex-lover of Lucian(Blonde hair, green eyes, Slim. Average height(5,5.) Age:21

Andrea Knight- Healer Freya meets while escaping who becomes one of her closest friends. Description: Dark red hair, light brown eyes, curvy Height: 5’7 Age:19

Alexander Blake- Best friend to Lucian/half brother/ love interest for Freya. (Blonde, shoulder-length hair, Beard Blue eyes, muscular, tall(6’0) Age: 23

Cyrus James-Freya best friend/ love interest for Andrea. (short red hair, blue eyes, semi muscular, tall. (6’1) Age:23

Katherine James- Cyrus Aunt/ leader of a secret organization created to help Freya.

Major Kingdoms:

Zamira (Zamirian Kingdom)

Valyria (Valerian Kingdom)

Ormir (Ormirian Kingdom)

Wren ( Wrenian Kingdom)

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