Death is not your portion

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About I girl who wish death and it never came only misfortune....

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Death is not your portion

Chapter ,1 : Betrayal from the heart

The heart which stop beat for love .. love for and anything she lost it all .... But first u must know why she lost love... She was hurting physical emotional and spiritual .. rape hate speech lead to her decision making for her own life.. Is it ok to die ...??
Her first suicide attempt was the 6 month of 2005 ... when mom left home because dad try to kill her .. little do she knows that she was the reason why mom left us .. my big sister, brother and little sister... Not even a year old , I always dislike her for how she just get up and leave like that . And u know my Aunty by my mother side was a bitch she took everything good from us and left us to die .. Her way of thinking is that she and her kids should be the only have nice things.
And us get leftover from our own things .. From there I realized that family is also wicked asshole .......

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