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Chapter 1 ( Audrey Milan)

The sun burns me like a pattie being grilled. It's very hot. The long sleeve I've put on ain't doing me any justice. Instead I'm sweating like a pig.

"Hey gorgeous"

I hear somoene say from my back. I stop but i don't turn around, i mean let's be honest he's definitely not referring to me. ( And just so you know beauty is not I've ever been acused of.)

So i continue walking again.
"Hey gorgeous" the voice repeats.
This time close enough to make me shudder. I turn around to see who it is, and oh he's a sight ro to behold. He walks towards me and he's just like
"Hey gorgeous".

(you know that time when a really cute guy is standing in front of you and you turn into a statue, yeah that's me right now.)

I don't say anything, instead i just smile like a fool. Then he bursts out laughing so I suddenly feel embarrassed.

"I'm sorry" he says " i didn't mean to be rude". He turns around begins to walk away. I don't say anything, i just watch him leave. What a wierd guy I think to myself. I mean his cute, but weird. Why do i even care, I'm probably never gonna see him again.

I reach the house ten minutes late and mom is sitting there waiting for me she has that start-explaining-look on her face, so I think of a really good lie to tell her, cause I'm definitely not telling her that the only reason why I'm late is because i was having a convo with Mr wierd-cutie-pants at the corner of the street.

I stand in front of her like a statue. My head feels heavy from thinking too much. She stands up and walks towards me. Every step dhe takes makes my heart beat faster. Fear engulfs me in one piece. When she's close, i start trembling under my breath.

"I'm sorry" i blurt out. "I was discussing something with my maths teacher". My lie sounds convincing enough, i think to myself.

"You better not repeat this" she scolds . Her breath smells of alcohol. She's been drinking. That explains her sudden anger. She pushes me aside and leaves the room.

Sometimes it wonder when she'll stop drinking. Maybe if she does, everything would be normal,but i don't let these thoughts linger into ny head for too long, they tend to turn into memories. I do not wish to remember. The past is a dark place to visit, it holds too much pain. Sometimes even happy memories bring you pain.

My room isn't much of a sight to see. My bed takes much of the space, leaving little room for other things. The white walls that surrounds me are filled with quotes that reminds me to keep breathing, when I'm about to drown. My window outlooks the back garden. I spend most of my time sitting by the window. Its a way of escaping reality. More like a distraction.

I lay on my bed with eyes tightly shut. I try to relax. A smile tugs on my lips and i suddenly open my eyes. I seriously can't be thinking of him. ( You know Mr wierd-cutie-pants). I can't believe he actually thought i was gorgeous. It sounds crazy but it feels nice. My thoughts are disturbed by a sudden a banging sound coming from the kitchen.

I run out to see what's happening. As i reach the kitchen, someone pulls my hair from the back and bangs my head on the wall. There's blood on my forehead and it makes me dizzy.

I turn around to see who it is, but i meet with a tight slap that sends me down to the floor. I don't even have to turn around anymore. I know exactly who it is. Its mom and judging by her behavior i think she's drunk.

I try not to cry, but i can't help it. My forehead stings with pain and the blood drips down to my cheeks. I hold on to the counter and try to stand on my feet. My knees feel weak.

"What the hell is wrong with you" she screams
"It's bloody 5pm and you haven't started cooking yet, what the hell am i supposed to eat."

Her rage vividly displays itself on her face. " I'm sorry mom, I'll start cooking now". I speak to her with my eyes facing downward. I fear meeting her gaze. She gulps down her beer and goes to her room. As she leaves i quickly start cooking cause i can't afford to have another scar on my body.
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