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Death is not my portion

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About lost of morals

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Death of 1 innocent

Once upon a time there was a girl who had everything everything like love here family and her innocence. One day changes in a Split Second. We do with the blink of an eye she lost her sanity lost are any scents to a man who cares less for what she will become after what he has done, I don't think really understand what it feels when someone hurts you. But it is never enough put them but what about my soul what about my heart What About My Sanity as she believes every night for you to the one who hears and sees everything. When family don't care you don't know what to think. After lonely night you cry yourself to sleep wishing he would disappear from this Earth disappear from this thing they call life disappear from the pain which they leave you to feel alone. Then you meet someone who you think cares for you and you became to tell them all about your hurt and they begin to tell everyone about what you have to do them. Then you try to kill yourself over a thousand time no one seemed to see the pain that's inside no one sees the pain which you feel then even though you cry because you a scaredy-cat. They call you weak, BC you are scared who what they don't know you hate to look into the mirror I hate to look at that face which you know you hate to touch that body which you know they have taunted not by choice Juice It Up every night kind of sleep because it haunts you to know that that night the prayer me even though it's been over 10 years you still stop the feeling you still move the smell you still discuss that you felt that very night. The sickening feeling you felt just believing in your body it is an understatement it is hurtful statement it is it pains you to know that you lived this life and you try to get away from it you drink you smoke abused yourself you tell yourself you're not good enough and you are good enough and as I come tonight to tell everyone about what I'm feeling sometimes I wonder if I'm even good enough some morning I wake up and say I am good enough I've some morning I wake up and I said that I do want to live anymore but as I know myself right now I know that I will break through... your good enough......

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