Broken & Bruised Storm

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Callie is not a normal typical teenage girl, in fact, she sees the world in black and white instead of color like everyone else in the world. She is the type of girl who keeps to herself and hides all her secrets in a journal that is hidden in her closet, so no one can find her secrets and battles. Her only best friend is her brother Jordan who happens to be halfway around the world serving for the country and trying to do his best for being there for his sister while being a station in London while she is at home just trying to finish up her high school years without any more problems. With her brother is stationed about 5,000 miles away, her only hope with her battles is his letters, video calls, and phone calls. Jordan really hates it when he is away from her sister when she must face the battles alone. Callie does not know how much he has left with military deployment left, but she is hoping at the end of the year he finally comes home safe and sound.

Drama / Action
Jmarie Freiberg
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Prologue: My Story...

My name is Callie Storm, I am not a normal typical teenager in fact I am a foster child in a broken foster care system who has been through all kinds of abuse, such as physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, and many other types. I have been through the toughest times in foster care, but I always find hope with coping like playing my acoustic guitar, writing songs in my journal, playing at local coffee shops or the local college campus with open mic nights, hospitals; high school talent shows and even on video calls with my brother who is currently station overseas in London, United Kingdom, and is in a special military unit that helps with the new project called Space Forces. I love singing in front of people and sharing my music with everyone. My music makes everyone around me happy and brings them into a world that I created to keep myself safe through the thing that I am currently going through or went, though, my music tells a story.

I have been in the foster care system since I was about six years old with my brother who is about six years older than me, we have been in and out of many different foster homes. When my brother Jordan aged out of the foster care system, he immediately joined the military to make our lives better, he could not take me alone with him or have custody of me until he is having one year of military service which I hope comes sooner so he can be my rightful guardian soon. Being in a foster home can be nice or even scary it depends on where you are placed, some foster panthers are nice and some are mean, you do not get to choose where you are placed, sometimes you can be lucky on where you are placed and other times you are not. I happen to live in each side of foster homes, the good ones, and the bad ones, but still, never get a choice to choose where I can live.

My parents have died in a tragic accident when I was four years old, I do not remember what happened, but I was told it was an airplane crash which is one in a million chances of being in an airplane crash, about four hundred people die each year and you would have more chances to die in a car accident than a plane accident. Anyways I am scared to fly especially with the fear of dying in a plane than a car, which I never was on a plane since I was a child and I especially do not like heights. My parents were on the way home from a business meeting from all the way on the other side of the county, they were coming home from Washington, DC. My mom was on a job trip for reporting a story on the foster care system in the county, my father got to with her because he is one of the best investigators in the county. My aunt and uncle were watching us while they were on their trip, we got to stay with them the home because my uncle had a business’s meeting in Los Angeles which is where we live, somehow after my parents died my aunt and uncle was unable to take care of us due to having their own problems. My brother and I were placed in the foster system, which was not our choice, we wanted to live with someone who we know very well and not strangers.

Anyways, our life got flipped upside like a burned pancake that no one wants to eat and even try to eat. Our lives were very difficult adjusting with especially new to the whole foster care system and having our parents gone for the rest of our lives. So far in my life, I have been to ten different temporary homes with my brother, because we could not be serrated in case if my aunt and uncle could get custody of us but that never happens. I tend to keep my story private due to cyberbullying and well-being is known as that foster kid in school. Years came by fast; I am now twelfth years old, and my brother is now eighteen years old and serving for the county.

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