Poison Love

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Her mother has just passed, her step-father is an alcoholic, Going to the hospital was the best thing that happens to her.

Drama / Romance
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She pushes me against the wall, pinning my hands up next to my head, staring into my eyes.
“H-hey, ” I stutter, “what's wrong? Do you need anything? I can help you.” I tell the girl in front of me.
“I need love.”
That shocked me. I just sit there staring at her. Wondering what I got myself into. When I finally come out of the clouds, she's looking at me. Expecting something. Her cobalt blue eyes pierce my hazel ones.
“What about you, I know today was hard on you as well.”
I look away from her, think about what she has asked me.
“Do you want the honest truth?” I ask, looking back at her. She nods.
“Yes, I want to know the truth.”
“I want you,” I whisper. The first time I tell her what I feel, the only thing she does is stare at me. Shocked.
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