Memories of Tomorrow

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“I still don’t understand how that would translate to a promotion, but you made yourself a pretty good case,” Mia allows as we walk.

“Okay, but I just explained how that translates. I mean I literally just told you the whole story of how that translates to a promotion!” I gripe throwing my free hand up in frustration.

“Yes you did, and that was a pretty good case made. The thing is, I just don’t understand how that translates to a promotion.” Mia defends her stance.

“Okay well now you just contradicted yourself.” I throw my hand up in the air in defeat. “I don’t see how you still aren’t getting this.”

“Well maybe next time you need to try explaining it better,” Mia offers, as we slow our pace.

“Oh, so you’re saying there’s going to be a next time?” I question lightly as we come to a stop.

“Oh shut it, we’re here.” Mia orders lightly pointing to the structure in front of us.

“Oh wow,” I breath staring at my bunker sitting in front of us, “I didn’t think we had walked this far.”

“Well as they used to say, time flies when you’re having fun.”

“Oh so you were having fun were you?” I quip, nudging Mia with my elbow.

“As newly appointed General Bossy, I don’t have to answer to you Major Mystery,” Mia banters back avoiding my question all together… again. Man she does that a lot.

“Oh sweet, I have a title now?” I question happily, looking at Mia.

“Oh just go inside,” Mia orders pushing me forward, finally letting her hand slip from my grasp. My smile falls slightly at the loss of contact, but I turn my attention to the dark bunker that lies in front of me.

“See I can’t disobey your orders even if I wanted to.” I point out turning to face Mia behind me. “I’m pretty sure General is above Major in army ranking.”

“Do I need to push you again?” Mia warns, taking a threatening step towards me.

“No no, no pushing!” I object quickly, gesturing no with my hands. Without giving Mia time to threaten me again I step forward into my bunker.

“Man it is dark in here,” I comment immediately stopping only a few steps in front of my bunker. “Or at least it will be once we close the door.” The dirt behind me crunches as Mia makes her way towards the bunker. Not wanting to get run over I take a few more steps into the structure, giving Mia room to enter without pushing me down the ladder.

“Okay I have to give it to you, it is dark down there,” Mia comments looking over the edge of the landing.

“Well, get ready for it to be a lot darker,” I warn as I grab the handle of the door.

“Wait what do you mean it’s going to get-” Mia’s words are interrupted by the creaking the steel doors makes as I pull it closed, thrusting us into complete darkness.

“Oh wow, you weren’t kidding,” Mia states from her position near the edge of the landing.

“What were you expecting?” I scoff, making sure the door is sealed shut. “It’s an underground bunker that’s been without power for, who knows how long, it’s not like they have windows.”

“Okay you know what? I’m taking away your talking privileges.” Mia affirms, taking a few steps in my direction.

“My bunker, my rules.”

“Oh no that’s-”

“First thing, you need to get away from the edge,” I interrupt, grabbing hold of Mia’s arm and pulling her towards me. “The last thing we need is you falling from up here and hurting yourself.”

“Aye aye Captain Safety,” Mia mocks, pulling her arm from my grasp.

“Secondly, if you don’t want to fall on your face, we need to let our eyes adjust.

“First off, we don’t have to do shit.” Mia remarks, reaching out and placing the palm of her hand on the wall.

“If we’re going to do this, you need to learn how to take care of yourself.” Mia slides her hand down the wall until it’s reached the floor. She just crouches there for a moment before slowly inching her hand forward. I stand there for a moment watching her awkwardly and painfully slowly sort of crab walk forward. I know what she’s doing but the way she’s doing it is just painfully wierd. Without hesitation I walk forward the two steps I know I can before I lower myself to the ground, letting my feet dangle over the side of the landing. Mia keeps inching her way forward unfazed by my movements, either she hadn’t seen me or didn’t care. Impatient I scoot myself to the right until my leg brushes up against the cold steel of the ladder. I turn onto my stomach and lower my feet down until they’re stopped at the rung on the ladder.

“I know you can hear my suit, do you just not care or….” I prompt Mia as I make my way down to the bunker’s floor. She doesn’t answer too preoccupied, probably still crab walking up on the landing. I make quick work of the eight familiar rungs of the ladder, immediately stepping back, in case by some miracle Mia has found the ladder.

“You know it really hurts my feelings when you ignore me,” I call up to Mia as I wait for her with my arms crossed. Still greeted by silence I grow restless, fidgeting in place attempting to distract myself from the uncomfortable silence.

“You know I get the lesson. I don’t have to wait for my eyes to adjust in order to keep moving okay! Will you just say something?!” I exclaim the silence getting the better of me.

“Glad you got the point of my lesson,” Mia answers next to me, making me jump.

“When did you get there?!”

“About the time you started fidgeting,” Mia answers quickly shrugging her shoulders. “Anyway, now that we’re here we might as well get these hazmat suits off. We won’t get many chances to get them off anywhere else.”

“Fine.” I answer indignantly, “But no peeking.”

“I can still barely see my hand in front of my face I won’t peek,” Mia replies snarkily.

“How do you even get around down here?” Mia grunts as she kicks yet another cardboard box out of her path.

“It’s an art that I have perfected over the years,” I call to her, struggling with the zipper of my suit.

“First thing tomorrow we’re cleaning this place up,” Mia orders seriously as the sound of her suit falling to the floor makes its way to my ears. My cheeks blush involuntarily as I think about what’s happening on the other side of my bunker.

“Get it together,” I think to myself, as I let my suit fall to the floor as well.

“God what is taking you so long?” Mia complains, her voice getting closer to me. “Do you need some help or something?”

“No I got it!” I blurt turning around to face Mia. My eyes have finally adjusted to the dark and I gasp slightly at the sight before me. I’m face to face with Mia. Her eyes are a piercing blue that you could spot through a crowd. They’re like the essence of a lightning bolt, contained in small orbs of color. Her eyes crease in worry, showing small blemishes that pepper her skin. Her hair is short, and curls in on itself. It creates unmanageable angles that defiantly go whatever way they please. It’s a light brown, like the sun bleached bark of an old oak tree in the summer. Her eyebrows are slender arches, that are unkempt just at the ends. Her ears are small, barely poking through all the hair that surrounds them. Her nose is equally as slender as her eyebrows. It juts out ever so slightly, before sloping down towards her lips. Bringing my eyes to her lips, I realize she’s talking.

“What are you staring at?” Mia stands there with her hands on her hips, her eyebrows arched expectantly.

“Nothing nothing, I’m not- I’m not staring,” I stutter out, my cheeks going red again before I turn away.

“What are you embarrassed because you’re in nothing but a shirt and underwear?” Mia laughs a short laugh that makes me smile the smallest bit.

“No,” I reply weakly, as Mia grabs my suit from where I dropped it on the floor.

“You do know that I’ve seen you in your underwear before right?” Mia points out hanging both of our suits on the hook in the corner. “I mean I did carry you all the way to that abandoned house.”

“Let’s just get some sleep,” I mutter stifling a yawn.

“Yeah yeah,” Mia waves dismissively, as she pushes cardboard boxes out of her path.

“I have a mattress, so at least it’s better than sleeping on the floor.” I quickly lie down on the left, pulling the blanket out from behind the top of the mattress.

“I guess I’m taking the right then,” Mia remarks, quickly taking her place on the mattress.

“Here,” I offer Mia, draping the blanket over both of us. “It’s one of those giant comforters, so it should be big enough for us both.”

“I would have my own if someone hadn’t destroyed it.” Mia mumbles indignantly from her side.

“Oh let it go, and go to bed.” I order closing my eyes. It doesn’t take long before the day, and night, catches up with me and I’m out like a light.

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