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The haunted carnival

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Alexa and Belle decide to go on a day out but it ends in a bloody mess. What will happen? Better yet who will survive...

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter 1: The Devils Decisions

‘Mum, I’m going out for the day!’ Alexa called down while putting on her black and white shoes. ‘Ok, see you soon!’ Mum called back up to her daughter in a rush. Alexa has blonde short hair with two strands dyed red at the front. She was wearing ripped jeans and a crop top saying ‘son of a brat’, it was very popular in her favourite show.

She unlocked the door and walked towards her car. The sky was blue and the sun was beaming, making the concrete feel as though it were an arrupting volcano.

Alexa was sat in her car. She started the engine and turned the radio on. ‘Sometimes all I think about is you!’ She sang while. Speeding down the empty road.


She pressed the break outside Belle’s house, beeping her horn to get her to hurry up. ‘I’m coming, I’m coming!’
Belle yelled while coming towards the beeping car. ‘Hurry up, we don’t have all day!’ Alexa exclaimed back getting impatient, still holding the horn.

Belle was in the car and they were singing away until belle asked-‘Where we even going?’ With an accent as though she was Scottish.
‘I don’t know, where do u want to go?’ Alexa asked and answered in the same sentence. ‘There’s an abandoned carnival down the pier, we could go there,’
‘Isn’t that trespassing?’
‘Well...yes-but everyone does it!’
They went back and forth for a while before Alexa finally agreed.

Belle was excited, But in the back of her mind she knew they shouldn’t go. Although she had a guilt dragging her down, she didn’t say anything. I bet she wishes she did now.

After five minutes they arrived, they were both nervous but roaring with excitement.

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