The Maniac on the Balcony

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Drama / Thriller
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The Maniac on the Balcony

Felicity stood on the balcony against the biting rain with her pastel hands buckled to the railing. The scenery beneath her was flooded and ruined, and her eyes were daft. The soft melody of
Abel's voice cracked her like an egg. She spared a single tear for their love that she caught on her knuckle and kissed away the familiar sadness. When she turned around, she could see the lie in the white of his smile between his teeth like maggots squirming and brooding a plan of escape. Inside, she began to feel her racing heart pump cold blood into the veins of miscreation. Her fists clinched; her breathing became heavy; she snarled making fire with her eyes. The rain did not slow her down; in fact, it was an advantage. Felicity felt a rush of vengeance explode into pulsing muscle. She choked Abel with her gaze, and his bones became stone. Even his breath was but a cough of white dust.

"Felicity, darling, I am so sorr-"

Before he could finish, Felicity grabbed the left side of his head and smashed his right into the concrete wall. Shrapnel of pink brains and milk white skull were suspended in the air. Felicity burst into maniacal fits of laughter that rung like screams of the damned in the unforgiving storm. She then picked up Abels limp body and threw it over the edge of the balcony into the flooded ruins below her. "See you in Hell, Asshole."

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