Midnight Fall

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Drama / Romance
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Have you ever been in love?

The type of love where you're willing to risk everything just so you could have that person?

The type of love that makes you wanna give up all the things you have in your life just so you could be with that person?

The type of love that makes you feel strong and safe, yet makes you feel weak and vulnerable?

The type of love that's obsessive yet passionate one?

You know, the type of love where you are willing to sacrifice yourself?

Well, I once did. And I don't think that I'll be able to love again after that.

I may be coward, I may be selfish. But I think it's normal especially when the separation from past relationships leaves a scar on me. A scar that's never going to heal. A scar that's never going to be better.

Hi, I'm Victoria. And this is the start of the story when midnight fall.
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