The Poet's Princess

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An invitation to an extravaganza

Though it is willingly my heart is being hurt
And may this cruel pain be my life’s vicious joke
Nevertheless I tried to cure my mind of it
And release myself from Sylvie’s exquisite yoke

Yet I am well advised that worshipping this beauty
My love will last as long as my days
And that no one can find infidelity
In the heart where Sylvie dwells

So I shall love forever and during this adventure
Do whatever those divine eyes decide for my soul
One might rightly engrave upon my sepulchre
That loving until death was faithful Alcyon’s goal

Do you still remember the definition of antithesis? It is “the opposition of two ideas or two contrary expressions brought together in order to collate tension”.

The “precious” antithesis is more than that. It is an incentive to perform in a play where the part of the writer and of the reader are interchangeable. It is an invitation to an extravaganza, unique in its kind. The admission fee is your imagination.

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