The Poet's Princess

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Lull before the storm

To live with somebody that you don’t love may be occasionally good for you. Beware, Anne de Bourbon! Love is greedy and mean. If you opt for it, you shall lose your independence, you shall be bitterly disappointed, incurably unhappy and given up for lost.

Your short-sighted eyes observe the world swarming in a welter of conflicting interests. You are above such a futility. At this moment you are still whole. Your marriage hasn’t yet affected your heart, body and soul. Quite on the contrary. It made you independent. You filled the lack of it with arts. You subsidize writers. Thanks to you, Jean Chapelain works on his “Virgin” without worrying about his daily bread. Apologising for giving so little for so much, you gave Madeleine de Scudéry your best diamond necklace for her new novel “Clélie”. Your salon has the same acclaim as your charm. Your judgement and your moral standards are highly esteemed by everyone that counts in the world of the culture.

You went separate ways with your husband, leaving him too pursue his diplomatic career and his philandering. Becoming the Queen of the Münster Congress wasn’t for you the crowning of your life. You treasure true values, the arts. You are at home in the Parisian literary salons. Your life is well-lived and full of joy. If you’d like, love is at the reach of your hand. A poet is offering you his heart.

I warn you, beware Anne de Bourbon! Falling in love is fatal!

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