The Poet's Princess

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A comedy of errors

’For Heaven’s sake, how could I advise the Princess to awaken La Rochefoucauld’s jealousy by taking a lover in order to get him back? But then, how could I have known it would be Nemours!

’Why hasn’t she chosen me? I am intelligent. I am handsome. I am a Poet! And not a bad one! Whose fault is it that, instead of writing poetry, I have to concoct those dreadful pamphlets for the Fronde? For the Fronde? Are you joking! She doesn’t give a damn for that childish carping and feud! I am toiling for La Rochefoucauld! Because of him and for him alone she has thrown herself head over heels into politics! To oblige him! To make herself useful to him! To make herself be loved! She who has the love of a Poet within the reach of her hand!

’I feel as if I were hundred years old. Finished. Burned out. How long has it been since she has left? She is looking for him! Waiting for him! To no avail. La Rochefoucauld doesn’t give a hoot about his mistress. His ex-mistress! He doesn’t need anymore to pretend he loves her!

She avoids me. She bears a grudge against me because of that wretched advice. Though Nemours wasn’t certainly the man I had in mind!

Where did you look, Princess, when I fell before you on my knees?

I would have made you happy, Anne!

I would have made our love immortal, Anne!

I would have flown you to the stars!

Your beauty would have sparkled through the glory of my poems if you have given me a reason to live!

La Rochefoucauld writes too, this I have to I admit. He considers himself an artist. Has he ever written a single word about you? Not that you missed out on it. It wouldn’t be flattering to be included in his collection of caricatures. For a punch line our moralist doesn’t spare his best friend. This man has no scruples. You are aperfect example of it!

Princess, I warn you! Mistrust La Rochefoucauld!

Mistrust your feelings for him, Princess!

Beware, Princess: if you reject me I shall die!

You don’t know how lonely you will be without my love, the only true love you have ever had! Without me you will be a grain of sand in the desert of your loneliness!

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