Angel Princess (Sophia's Story)

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Sophia is a 17-year-old girl who looks like she has everything but in reality that's not how it used to be. Watch Sophia go from a beautiful and bright little girl to a depressed teenager from a mother who doesn't love her and only sees her as a paycheck. To a father who isn't in her life because her mother won't let him be. What will become of this beautiful little girl? Find out more by reading Angel Princess (Sophia's Story) ********** Please be kind as this is my first story that I've written.

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Sophia's start.

Hi my name is Sophia Choi.
I'm 17 and I love my life. It's great really, but it wasn't always great.
I guess I should start from the beginning.
My mother is American and my father is Japanese.
They met twenty years ago at college. My mother was studying fashion design and my father was studying business.
They happened to meet at a local coffee shop and one thing led to another and they ended up getting married about a year later.
A few years later I was born.
I was a beautiful baby, my father always called me his porcelain little princess.
I have beautiful blackish brown hair and almond shaped eyes.
If it wasn't for my eye color or my skin tone you wouldn't be able to tell I was biracial.
My eyes are the lightest blue that kind of twinkles in the light and my skin is very fair.
Well back to my story.

We lived in California while my mom worked at a top design agency, while my dad worked from home when he could.
My dad it's the CEO of a few different companies in Japan.
My father is from a very wealthy family as is my mother.
They both were born with sliver spoons in their mouths so to say.
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