The abyss of pain

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Octavia Snow grew up in a white picket fence kind of life. Except for a couple of things. 1. She suffers from depression 2. Anxiety 3. Eating disorder. Her family doesn’t get it, no one does unless they suffer from it. Follow Octavia through her struggles with family, health and mental illness.

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Chapter 1: welcome to my hell

Octavia? Octavia honey it’s time to wake. This is how I Octavia snow is awoken, being shook awake by my very, very high society mother. She’s the mayor of this shiny town of fakness. Octavia! I’m awake mother. I’m awake. Sorry dear you didn’t respond. Let me pause real quick as you may have figured out my name is Octavia born on Friday October the 13th. Yep, you heard right Friday the 13th. Ain’t that just dandy. Ok resume monologue of happy go lucky mother dearest. It’s fine mom I’ll be down for breakfast soon. Ok but.. I know mom! Eat a full plate don’t binge and god forbid don’t go out if I feel like it is going to be one of those days. Wouldn’t want to shred you stellar reputation. Now would we. Octavia! Whatever go get your picture taken your better at then raising me anyway. I’ll see you tonight. K, bye. As soon as she leaves my room I wait until I hear her back out of the garage and drive’s away before I crawl back into the covers and re-enter dream land. My escape from my abyss of pain.

I awake to a the garage door closing. Shit what time is it?! I grab my phone from my dresser it read 7pm dang it I slept all day. Here goes nothing. 3.2.1 knock at my door followed by? Octavia you awake? Yes mother, she takes this a invitation to walk right in. Ever hear of knocking AND asking before walking in?! Don’t forget I own this house therefore own this room young lady! Great she’s drunk. Sorry mother. No, don’t apologize for that! What do you want me to apologize for then mother? Being born? Or, or maybe for being a screw up huh ever think that maybe you were a mistake I got stuck with hmm? Sorry for being such a horrid mistake mother. Slap! She… she just slapped me. She slapped me! Wtf!! Don’t you swear at me young lady! You just fucking slapped me!! I think I should be able to swear if I please! Next thing I know I’m being dragged by my hair off my bed outside my bedroom and thrown down the stairs.
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