Us Versus Them

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Lamali, a 19-year-old Palestinian vigilante, meets and becomes romantically (and sexually involved with Isabelle, the daughter of an Israeli general. But does said involve the ease the tension, or does it worsen the conflict between the two opposing nations?

Drama / Thriller
Liam Barath-Lane
Age Rating:


It is May 16th, 2021.

BANG, BANG, BOOM! Chaos all around the West Bank.

Lamali cannot see what is happening, as it is too dim and dark where he is standing. But then, the next thing he knows is that there is a large cloud of dust in his path; or for all he knows, it could actually be smoke, but it does not smell as being such. Right then and there, he comes across what appears to be the outside. But it is still not safe, as chaos is continuing to abrupt. As said chaos ensues, he immediately ducks for cover directly onto the rubble-covered ground. By the look of it, he is completely alone, as the only other human-beings present are the Israeli soldiers. To which, he cannot help but just wonder, ‘Where is my family? Why in God’s name is this all happening?’

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