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Hidden in the Crevices of Time

By Shobana Gomes All Rights Reserved ©



Stacy was a baby when she was involved in the crash that jolted her mind and now the trauma of the accident has her experiencing severe flashbacks and blackouts.. Will Stacy survive the trauma?

Chapter 1

“Mom, what happened in that accident? How did it happen?” Stacy asked with a curious tone.

Stacy’s mom was in the kitchen cooking lunch and stopped for a moment to think of the incident that took place twenty-eight years ago which had shook her to the very core with numbed fear and even now as Stacy looked at her, she could see that it made her mom somewhat shiver.

The accident was a horrific one. There were glimpses of it that Stacy remembers and she wanted to know the exact details of it as comes on in flashbacks and recently subjected Stacy to experience blackouts as she recollects events from her past.

Stacy was a new born when she was travelling by car from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore with her mom and dad. There was another couple in the car with them who were friends of her parents on that fateful journey. It was a winding road and dark at the corners. All around them were rubber and oil palm plantations. Stacy was now being subjected to the harsh reality of an unknown fear which she somehow cannot seem to explain. She sees dark images and queer figures in the jungles by the side of the road when she tries to recall the incident. They were travelling during a time when it was dangerous with the civil war on the brink of eruption between the two major races in the Country – the Chinese and Malays. Travelling anywhere was restricted and allowed only after thorough checks were conducted by the authorities with curfew hours being implemented to the citizens of the country. It was an era when the then Malaya had just gained independence from the British and renamed as Malaysia and it was also a time when the people were still wary and suspicious of each other and their activities. There were basically three major races in the Country – the Indians, Chinese and the Malays. The Indians were recruited by the British to work in administrative roles in government offices due to their good command of the English Language. The Chinese had grown to be industrialists and contributed much to the economy with their business ventures in and outside of the Country. The Malays who were the natives and known as the sons of the soil were unhappy with the difference between their economic standing and that of the major races and were fighting for their rights in securing special privileges to be accorded to them. There was much blood shed and infighting during this time.

Stacy remembers some of the events that took place when the accident took place quite clearly though it seemed a bit odd as she was only a baby when the incident happened. It was as though she was a spectator to the whole incident while at the same time being involved directly in the crash. Little flashbacks occurred quite frequently as Stacy experienced déjà vu over some of the incidences that took place. Over the years Stacy would come to realize that she could remember certain events that took place in her life with much clarity even if it happened during her infant years. Sometimes her memory would be ignited by events that take place which had similar inferences to her past and with a sudden jolt she would try to remember it and get the exact impression that it had happened before. Certain events would sometimes take her into the crevices of her memory of lifetime experiences before she was born. It was like a time-warp that she transcends into and this phenomenon that she was feeling was coming to her in snippets more regularly as days passed.

On that fateful day, Stacy’s mom had just finished her confinement period after delivery and was taking Stacy back to Singapore. Stacy’s mom had come down to Kuala Lumpur to stay with her in-laws as it was her first pregnancy and in accordance with the Indian custom to stay with the elders of the family. In this case, Stacy’s mom was left under the supervision and guidance of Stacy’s grandmother. Stacy was born at the Tung Shin Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Her dad who was working with the British Air Force was seconded to the Changi Air Force base in Singapore soon after their wedding. Stacy’s mom was an Indian Immigrant and arrived in Malaya when she was sixteen to get married to her dad. Stacy always questioned her mom about the marriage to her dad at such a young and impressionable age.

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