Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Fifteen

My heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest. I tear off down the stairs, not wasting any time with the elevator. I come flying out the door shouting Cassie’s name. Everyone is looking in my direction, but I don’t give a fuck if I’m causing a scene.

I see Sharp, Bomber, and Bitz rolling in through the lot, perfect timing, "Bitz! I need your fucking bike now!" I run over to him and throw my leg over the bike, taking off.

I hear Sharp yell an order at Bitz to call the club in, then Bomber and Sharp were right on my ass seconds later.

"What the hell is going on, Ghost!" I faintly hear Sharp yell over the roar of the pipes.

"They fucking took Cassie!" I yell back.

He speeds off in front of me, pulling the handgun out of his side holster. He’s like a second Dad to Cassie, Sharp’s been there since the day she was born. He wasn't much for guns, he’s a good shot but much better with swords and hand to hand.

I see some low-life Saint hanging out of the passenger window, I call over to Sharp, but he mustn't have heard me. Because the next thing I see, he’s skidding across the pavement and I can't stop to check if he’s alright. I have to get Cassie. I would never forgive myself if they get away with her, and Sharp would be pissed if we stop to check on him anyway.

Bomber pulls his handgun out, shooting one of the back tires out. The back end drops and the low life Saint fucking looses control, and they go rolling down the side of the hill. What the fuck was Bomber thinking? Cass is in the fucking back!

I'll be surprised if she survives all of that. My heart clenches in my chest, and I feel like I can't breathe. Acting on instinct I come skidding to a stop on the side of the road, throwing my leg off and darting toward the SUV.

Please let her fucking be okay, please. I plead with whatever may be out there in the universe just to let her be okay. I need the chance to make it all up to her, to show her I can be reliable, that I can be what she needs no matter what I have to do or how long it takes.

I finally make it to the SUV and everything feels like it’s in slow motion. I've never been so fucking nervous in my life checking if someone is still breathing. I see her lying there unconscious, and I think I might throw up, but I somehow manage to hold it all in.

I have to be strong for her right now, and me spewing my guts won't achieve that. I climb in carefully as not to rock the SUV and send it descending even further. I reach over, moving her hair back to feel her neck. There’s a pulse, it was barely there, but it was something.

I hear the sirens coming up the road, and I feel nothing short of pure fear for maybe the first time in my life. I would never be the same without her.

"Down here!" I impatiently shout to the paramedics. They’re taking their sweet fucking time down the hill. Firefighters hook the winch up to the back of the SUV, placing cribbing in the front to keep it from going any further down the hill.

I feel like I don’t breathe again until I see the nurse at the hospital coming to update us on Cassie.

"She should be alright, fellas. She had some internal bleeding coming from her spleen. The doc was able to patch it up. The fibula and tibia in her left leg are both broken. We have another doctor coming in to fix that up. Her right orbital fractured, causing her eye to swell pretty badly. They're not certain at this point if she'll be able to see out of her right eye. It's going to be a wait-and-see type deal. She does have a concussion, as to be expected after that kind of accident. She's lucky to be alive. We will update you more when you can."

Fucking Christ. I should never have left her. I should have learned my lesson at the hotel that day.

It was a solid eight-hour surgery before they wheeled her into her room. She’s looking worse than her Dad.

I didn't even know one person could be on so many machines. She was still intubated, they said she didn't do well when they tried to taking her off.

Sharp and Bitz are sitting on the other side of the room discussing business. Sharp has some pretty gnarly road rash, and refused the nurse's offer to check him out, of course.

We have to get those fuckers back. I can’t sit here anymore, just waiting. I need air, it feels like the walls are closing in, and I’m suffocating.

"Boys, I'm going to go check on the boss man. I'll be back." I throw over my shoulder walking out of the room.

I can’t believe the luck this club was having. First her Dad, now her. Walking into Prez's room makes my body go rigid. He’s awake, and I’m going to have to break the news. How I let her down again, and she ended up on a vent. I fucking hate myself.

"Hey, Prez. Glad to see you're awake. How ya doing?" I pull up a chair next to his bed.

"What the fuck are you doing here, boy?" His rough voice rasped out. Good to see he's still as pissy as ever.

"Before you blow your lid and give yourself another heart attack, just know she's okay."

"Who's okay? What ya talking 'bout boy? Spit it out already!" His voice was rising with impatience. Prez never has been known for his patience.

"Cassie. She got in a car accident. She's alright. Docs fixed her up; she's a few doors down. She's had some internal bleeding and-" I stop mid-sentence when he rips his IV out.

"What the hell ya doin, Prez!" I throw my hands up. "I said she's fucking alright."

"She's my daughter, you fucking moron! Like hell, I'm just going to lay my ass in that bed! Now, are you fucking coming or just going to sit there looking like the damn idiot you are!?" He boomed.

Well, I expected nothing less. I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I'm coming. Fuck. She's going to kill us both for this, you know." I mumble.

"Oh fuck off, would ya!"

I lead the way to her room. Sharp and Bitz look shell-shocked seeing Prez walking through the door, "Don't even waste your breath trying to talk sense into the old man," I tell them.

I walk back over to my chair and sat down next to her bed. I want to reach for her hand, but I know Prez would just throw me the fuck out. Heart attack or not. The old fuckers crazy. At least I can just sit by her.

Prez wobbles over to the other side of the bed and one of the guys pulls a chair up for him. He grabs hold of Cassie's hand as he sits down, "Holy hell Cass. What the hell happened?" I know he was more so demanding answers from us than asking her.

I fill him in from the note to the paramedics pulling her out. First time I'd ever seen him go pale.

I know his heart is breaking for his daughter, but I also know he’s plotting revenge. It was like I could see the gears turning in his brain as he mulled it over.

I watch Ghost walking over to the shop, and I know this ought to be good. I butt the cigar out and walk out of my office to get a better view. I know as soon as I see his face pale, he noticed Cass.

Then I hear the gunshot and I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped. That's my girl. Shot the fuck wad right in the leg! Beautiful shot as always.

Most fathers are proud of their daughters for good grades, but hell, I’m proud of the fucking fierceness in mine.

She’s a good fuckin shot, no doubt about that. She reminds me so much of her Mother, never putting up with any ones bullshit, but also one of the more gentle souls you'll ever meet.

I start feeling a weight on my chest, and it’s getting harder to breathe. I try waving over the attention of anyone at the bar, no one notices. All too caught up in their fuckin worlds. I fall over, clutching my chest.

Hell, if this is the way I go, so be it. At least I got to see my daughter shoot that bastard.

My vision starts blurring, and all the commotion in the bar blends together in a deafening ringing sound. Then everything goes quiet. All I see was pure darkness.

I wake up to an empty room, and blinding fluorescent lights bringing me back to reality. Where the hell am I? I look around a bit and it looks like I’m in the hospital. Great. I’m still pretty out of it when Ghost comes tearing through my door.

I’m sitting next to my daughter's bed listening to all the details of what happened to her and my blood runs cold. I can just feel the ice building in my veins.

"Call the other Chapters in. We got a gang to teach a lesson to." My voice is low but firm.

I’m at a point past blind rage. I’m so furious that I’m somehow calm at the same time. This must be the breaking point of rage. You're just so deep in it that everything becomes crystal clear. I know exactly how we are going to make them fucking pay.
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