Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Sixteen

"As much as it fuckin kills me to say it, stay with my daughter." Hawk huffs, walking out the door with Bitz and Sharp following.

"Copy, Prez."

I know the old man hates me, but he knows I'll go down protecting his daughter. Shit, half of the club would. She’s something special.

I would almost feel bad for the poor souls that Prez is about to unleash hellfire on if it weren't the god damned Saints.

I turn all of my attention to Cassie, my heart is burning for her. This is nothing short of torture, being so close to her not being able to help her. I can't fucking stand it.

This room makes me feel like I'm in my own fucking prison cell, stuck living through the worst day, but I can’t fucking leave her.

My mind torments me throughout the day, my own personal hell. I knew I was no fucking good for her. This club is no good for someone like her. The door opening tears me from my thoughts, and I’m already reaching for my gun when Cassie’s brothers stroll in.

"How's she holding up?" Carter sighs.

"They're going to try taking her off the vent tonight. If all goes to plan she should be waking up shortly after that," I tell them, not even bothering to make eye contact.

"She looks like hell." Caden hissed.

Huh, no shit?

"Like you'd look much fucking better." Carter rolled his eyes, shoving his brother in the chest.

"Hell yeah. You seen this physique?" Caden laughs.

"Get over yourself, brother. Nows not the damn time, dumb ass." Carter motioned his arms toward Cass.

These two are ridiculous. Carter's always the uptight, serious one. Caden was the more laid-back one. They leveled each other out nicely, though. Carter was only a year older, but it shows. You can tell he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, though he’ll never admit it.

"You guys know what your pops has planned for those bottom feeders?" I just want to focus on something else for a minute before this damn room swallows me whole.

"It's going to be brutal brotha, I can tell you that much." Caden chuckled.

"Care to elaborate?" I huff, I’m out of patience.

"He's got some of the other chapters making their way over. He's finishing the Saints, for good." Carter pauses, looking over at his sister, observing her like she’s about to evaporate.

"You in there or what man?" I snap my fingers in his face.

"Shit. I just can't believe she's lying there like this." Carter shook his head.

"She'll pull through, man. She's tough." I clap him on the back a few times.

"Yeah, well, let's hope for your sake she does." Caden snickered.

"Piss off, man. How the hell was I supposed to know? She already had her mind set on giving herself over to them. You know damn well we couldn't have stopped her."

"Bullshit. We could have put her in fucking lockdown." Carter bellowed.

"Oh yeah, Carter? 'Cause, that's worked so damn well in the past?" Caden laughs, “We all know she's some sort of fucking ninja escape artist. She would have handled herself, she knows that, or she wouldn't have gone willingly."

Carter just rolls his eyes and leans back in his chair, it’s not often he’s put in his place, but he sure does pout like a baby when he is.

"Can't tell the lot of you are related at all." I look between the three, all so damn similar it’s almost like they share a brain sometimes.

"Fuck off!" They yell in unison and we all cracked up.

"Told you," I say, shrugging my shoulders.

It feels good to laugh a little, it feels wrong to be doing in a time like this, but I think we'd implode if we don’t.

A knock at the door instantly silences us and we all shoot looks at each other. When a nurse walks in, you could feel the tension fade away. Yeah, we were on edge. Who wouldn't be?

"Evening guys, just need some vitals. The doctor will be in shortly to assess Cassandra before taking her off the vent." She tells us, making her way to the blood pressure cuff.

"How long until she wakes up?" Carter peered at the nurse.

"Hard to say at this point, could be a few hours could be a few days, may even be longer. Her body sustained a lot of trauma in the accident. Her body needs this rest." She tries reassuring us, pulling the cuff off Cassie's arm. "All done, boys, have a good night. Try to get some rest yourselves!"

It's been a week since Cassie woke up.

She's finally being released today. I've spent the last ten nights next to Cassie's bed, and I know that won't change once she’s released, but I'll at least have a little more freedom with all the extra protection crawling around the club.

Her brothers pull up in one of Cassie's rebuilds. It’s by far her best work. The club mostly uses it for runs. The damn thing is more of a tank than an SUV at this point, nearly completely bulletproof. Cassie had extended the body and frame to fit more supplies. I was impressed, to say the least.

I help Cassie into the front, and Caden and I climb in the back.

"Let's fucking roll!" Caden drummed on Carter's headrest. The sooner we get back to the club, the closer it gets to taking those fucking Saints out.

The compound is packed when we get back. Hell, even the motels in town filled up with all the chapters being here. Hawk and the rest of the chapter Prez's that road in have spent most afternoons in the board room with the Chaplin planning the hit on the Saints.

Hawk wants them eliminated, but Chaplin was disputing that would bring more bad blood sniffing around. Chap has a point, the Saints weren't much for alliances, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had junkies wanting retaliation.

I can't help but listen as I sit at the bar outside the board room. They’ve been keeping their plans to themselves aside from the sparse commentary that crept past closed doors when things got too heated.

I reach into the pocket of my cut, pulling out my pack of smokes. As soon as I light my cigarette, the board room doors fly open, and Chap comes huffing out.

"Can't talk no fucking sense into those old sacks of shit!" He pulls up a chair next to me, “I'll take a double, prospect." Pointing out the whiskey to the new prospect working the bar.

"Get the hell back in here, Chap!" Hawk bellowed, Chap mutters something under his breath, throwing his drink back before going back in.

Looking around, I notice most of the guys had a woman clinging to them, which makes me wonder how Cassie’s holding up. I toss back the rest of my drink and head up to her room. I hate leaving her but the pain killers mostly keep her asleep, so I figured I wouldn't be missed for a few minutes. I don't know if she even knows I've been with her all this time.

"You awake, Cass?" I peek through the door.

"I think so." She mumbles, rubbing her temple, "What the hell happened?"

"You were in a car accident." I hesitate sitting next to her. I don’t want to hurt her.

"Is my Dad okay? Where's my Dad?" She blurts out attempting to sit up but falls back.

"He's good, Cass. He's in the board meeting with the rest of the chapters. You can relax.”

"Thank god. I thought they killed him." She whispers.

"We got the guys who tried to take you, Cass. They didn't survive the crash." She flinches at my words and I automatically put my hand on hers.

"Like that matters, there's plenty more of them. I'm sure that won't shake them, they'll just keep coming for me, or they'll kill him."

"Your Dad is taking care of all that, Cassie. Don't work yourself up. You need to heal up." I rub her arm as she dozes back off.

Her loyalty to her family and the club is something else. She would risk her own life for them without a second thought.

"Luke, could you lay with me?" She looks up at me sleepily, "I'm sorry for shooting you." A small smile forming on her lips.

"I deserved it." I sigh, laying down next to her.

"You did." A small laugh escapes her mouth before she falls back asleep.

I fall asleep shortly after she wiggled closer to me, but it was short-lived when I wake up to her brothers bursting through the door.

"Ghost, Dad is looking for you. He's in the office." Carter snaps at me.

"Lower your damn voice. She just fell asleep." I caution him and carefully slide out from under Cassie and go down to the office with her brothers right on my fucking ass.

"What's up, Prez?" I peer through his office door.

"Need you on intel. Saints are stirring shit up back west. You leave tonight. I hope you got your beauty rest."

"Fuck that. I'm not leaving Cassie. Send Tweeter."

"You'll do as you're fuckin told, or you can hand over your damn patch boy!" He raged.
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