Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty One

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Love isn't logical, Ghost. But you make it worth all the bullshit. Just getting to feel the one person I want most in the world, next to me, to hear your voice, even when it's laced with anger. It's all I want. You've been here when I needed you since I came back, and that counts for something. It's easy to get caught up in the emotion of it all and not know how to deal, and I understand that more than anything. And it's worth it all, in my opinion, and who knows, maybe one day we'll have it all. The kids, the marriage, a house, the happiness. If you can keep your head out of your ass long enough, that is." She stares at me like she’s looking into my soul. I know this is finally my chance to do things right.

"We've all got our demons, Ghost, but what we do with them says something about us. I'm sorry for my part in all of it. We both could have gone about a lot of shit differently. But we breathe for chaos. We seek it out every chance we get. You're the most chaotic part of my life, and I live for it."

I can’t stop myself from tackling her to the bed. I feel like the weight of the world was just lifted from my chest. A chance with her, a real chance with her? It's all I've wanted. I just have to stop fighting myself and give in. So that's exactly what I do for the rest of the day. I give in to all of my desires, pushing all of the fear aside.

Being with her on a level I'd never been with anyone before. We were lying in her bed tangled in each other, wholeheartedly taking in each other's every perfection and every flaw. This is what happiness is. Finding your soul mate, and bonding in such a way that it feels as if you're finally complete with your other half.

There’s nothing like this. I could die today and be at peace with my life. Everything that led up to this moment, the laughs, the tears, and no doubt the blood, was finally worth it.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz.

I groan, reaching over the bed, grabbing my phone from my jeans, glancing at the screen, "Last house, time to ride, boys." The text from Hawk reads.

"Cass,” I run my fingers through her hair, "I've got to get going."

"I'm sure they can manage without you." She pouts.

"I won't be long. It's the last house. I'm sure Hawk will be leaving you with Axel again."

"If it's the last house I should be coming with. Fresno could be there!" She jumps out of bed before she even finishes the words.

"We'll give you the call if he's there, don't worry about it! Just enjoy having some quiet time while you can."

"You better fucking call if he is, I mean it." She scowls.

Making my way over to her, I don’t stop my eyes from running down her body. I feel like the luckiest man in the world right now. Pulling her into my chest, I trail my hand down her back, quickly finding my way to her perfect ass, “I hate to leave you so soon." I squeeze her, "Shouldn't take too long though, baby. Trust me, I'm not wasting any time tonight!" I trail kisses down her face, making my way to her full, slightly parted lips.

"Alright, alright!" She pulls back, “Don't start something you can't finish right now!" She teases.

"Don't worry, I fully plan on finishing this tonight. We have a lot of lost time to make up for." I throw my best attempt of a wink at her as I close the door.

We come flying up from the east and west on the last safe house, sending a bullet or two through a few stragglers trying to take off. I’m fucking hoping this won’t take long, but this place is bigger than I expected, with at least three damn floors, god knows how many rooms.

Once the snipers and lookouts are in position, we split up. Half of us tearing through the front, the other half through the back. I kick the front door in, claiming the two souls on the couch. Bitz and some other members came rushing in and Bitz claims the last soul sitting opposite the sofa.

I watch as a blur of vests pour in, heading up and down stairs while others blast through the main floor. Four souls come barreling out of a door. I put a bullet between the eyes of the first two and throw myself through another door as Bitz and Tweeter take the last two out.

The room is empty, so I creep around the corner to another room, which is also bare. The sounds of shots firing have come to a stop. That's it? That seemed a little too easy if you ask me.

We all meet back up in the room we came through.

"Anyone else feeling like something's not right?" Carter looks between all of us, "Basement was fucking empty."

"It went too quick. They weren't even firing back." Sharp pipes in.

"Somethings definitely off about this, fellas," Caden adds.

"It's too fucking odd. Not a single other house was this easy. I mean, shit, we lost five of our own at the last one alone. Somethin' ain't right, boys." Chap says.

I stand there listening for a moment, and then it hits me like a fucking train, "They fucking want Cassie! This whole damn thing was a damn diversion. We gotta get the fuck back to the club!" I shout, my voice laced with panic.

I push my way through Slayer and Tweeter, who are stuck standing in the doorway dumbfounded.

"They're after Cassie!" I yell to Hawk as I kick my stand up.

"RIDE OUT! RIDE OUT!" Hawk shouts over the radio.

I don’t waste a second waiting for anyone. I tear the fuck out of there, hearing nothing but the sound of engines roaring to life as I speed off, I can feel the vibrations from the bikes as they try to catch up.

You get this many bikes together and it feels like a damn earthquake. Nonetheless, it’s nothing compared to the prominent pounding coming from my chest. We blow through town like a damn hurricane. Car alarms setting off left and right. We were hell on fucking wheels, shredding around every corner, blowing every stop.

My speed is nearly topping out as I soar down the highway. One wrong move and I'll be taking an early dirt nap. I rip through the compound lot straight up to the front door, throwing my bike down not giving a fuck about it right now.

The bar is eerily empty. Not even the club girls are around. I pull my gun from my hip and make my way up the stairs two at a time, I reach for Cassie's door handle, and it’s wet. I pull my hand back to find it coated in blood. I look down at the handle noticing the trail of blood for the first time.

My heart stops and I was freeze. For the first time in my life, I’m frozen by the sight of blood. I can’t move.

Prez and the Rippers push through me, sending Cassie's door flying off the hinges. Her room is destroyed. Even worse, Cassie is nowhere to be found, nothing but a trailing pool of blood.

"Axel is still alive! It looks like he put up one hell of a fight!" One of the brothers calls out.

I didn't even tell her I loved her before I left.

A fist connects with my jaw and brings me back to reality, “Ghost! Now isn't the fucking time to shut the hell down!" Carter spits.

"What the fuck, man!" I yell in his face, rubbing my jaw.

"We don't have time for this shit, Ghost! We have to find our sister!" The brothers shout simultaneously.

"I fucking know that! Of course, I fucking know that!" I shake my head, “I just fucking got her back. And I've already fucking lost her again." I send my fist through the wall. This can't be fucking real.

"Pretty sure most of the blood belongs to Axel, Ghost." Caden turns to me, “Pull yourself together!"

"Someone get this guy some help!" Carter yells down the stairs as the bar filled with more members.

"Boys,” Hawk looks at her brothers, “Get Slayer working the trackers. I have to take care of something."

I follow the Rippers down to the bar, stealing a drink off the counter as we spot Slayer, "Slayer, Prez needs you on tracking," Carter grunts.

"I was on my way to find you guys. I already got a hit. The tracker in her necklace pinged seventeen miles south of us." He says tossing some shit on the table, "Already have the cords entered in the navigation in the cage. I'll hang back on comms." He hands us earpieces, like we’re secret fucking agents, "Wear these so we can stay in touch."
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