Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Twenty Seven

I can already tell it’s tremendous from the three garage doors and the sheer height of it. He takes me around to the side door, giving me one last ginormous grin as he opens the door.

"Holy. Fuck." My jaw drops.

"Do you like it? I mean, I can change some of it around, but most of it is stuck where it's at." He shoves his hands in his pockets as he rocks back on his heels, watching my every move.

"Ghost! This is ridiculous! How the hell?"

"I figured you'd still want to work on cars and shit, so now you can do it right here."

"I might just live in here!" I laugh like I’m joking, but I’m half serious. It’s incredible.

Three garage doors run across either side of it, making six in total which makes it an easy through and through. The far side closest to the stairs is lined with black toolboxes, jack stands, and everything else I could possibly need.

"The hoists are supposed to be delivered later in the week, but I figured you'd probably want to decide where they go." He gently traces circles in my lower back, still carefully studying me.

"You really went all out! This is incredible. It's twice the size as Bitz’s shop!" I spin around, throwing my arms around his neck. "Thank you so much!"

"I'm just glad you like it, baby." He gently kisses my forehead, he’s become increasingly more gentle since I’ve been back. I know he worries, though he tries to hide it, his actions tell me everything.

"Take me inside." I breathe against his chest, suddenly more turned on than ever from everything he’s done for me.

"So there are six bedrooms, though they could easily be used for other shit. Four bathrooms, and my favorite part, the basement," he says, stopping in the kitchen.

"Why's the basement your favorite?" I raise a brow.

"The man cave." He grins proudly, wiggling his eyebrows.

"You're ridiculous!" I playfully slap his arm.

"What! You get a whole ass shop!"

"Fair enough. So, am I allowed in this 'man cave' of yours?"

"Hmm. Now that depends."

"Oh? On what?"

He leans down, brushing my hair behind my shoulder, lightly trailing kisses up my neck, "On what we'd do." He breathes against my neck, trailing his fingertips down my back, quickly reaching my ass, squeezing firmly as he lifted me to the counter.

I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him closer. It’s been so long since we've been like this. I'm going to savor every possible moment I can.

"Are you doing okay?" He peers into my eyes, his own glistening with desire.

I quickly nod as my hands drift down his abs, quickly reaching their destination, darting under his hoodie, I lightly trace the hem of his briefs.

His hand had worked its way under my shirt, lightly playing with my nipples. I can feel them perking up in excitement. His free hand gently cups the base of my throat, sending tingles of anticipation through my body.

Leaving kiss down his body in my wake as I make my way to my final destination, slowly climbing off the counter to my knees.

"Oh, God. Cassie." Ghost hisses.

I subtly pull his briefs down as his member springs free inches from my face at full attention. I twirl my tongue lightly around the tip, sending goosebumps down my body. Then, taking one hand, I gently stroke his length as I take the rest of him entirely into my mouth.

His breathing quickens in satisfaction, letting out small moans, which sends all the encouragement I need rippling through me. Picking up the pace, I take him deeper into my mouth, and gently stroke his balls as he swells more in my mouth before releasing his warm seed down my throat.

"Jesus. Cassie. You're going to be the death of me." His words come out in short gasps as he regains his thoughts.

"I do what I can." I wink up at him as I reach for his outstretched hand, he pulls me from my knees with ease, enclosing me in his arms.

"You'll be wishing you hadn't said that." He nearly growls against my neck, and in the blink of an eye he sends the blueprints that were sprawled across the kitchen island flying to the floor.

Bending me over the counter, he wastes no time pulling my leggings down, exposing my ass. He uses his free hand to pull my hair out of his way, placing hungry kisses across my shoulder.

"Fuck me already." I taunt, lightly wiggling my ass against his already hard again length. I’m practically soaking wet at this point, and tired of the anticipation.

"As you wish." He purrs as he sinks into me. I let out a small cry in response as he fills me. My whole body erupting with sparks and feelings of ecstasy as he slowly works his way in and out, letting me adjust to his size.

He reached a hand around my throat as his other firmly holds my hip holding me in place as he moves in and out. A firm smack to my ass sends a moan rushing off my lips. I feel myself inching closer and closer to the edge, on the verge of reaching my peak.

"Come for me, baby" his voice rough and filled with lust sending me over the edge. My center squeezes tighter around his length as I let out a cry in pure ecstasy. He fills me up in turn as he leans down on me out of breath for a few moments as our orgasm filled high settles, coming to an end.

"God, I missed this." He rasps out, gently pulling himself from me, then slowly pulling my pants up to their rightful spot. "Are you doing okay, babe?" He gently strokes the hair from my face.

"Oh, I'm more than alright. We should do that more often." I let out a genuine laugh for the first time in... well, I'm not sure.

"Planned on it!" He tells me proudly with a wicked grin reaching across his face.

"Are you going to finish the tour, or just christen every room first?" I shoot a quick wink at him, “cause if that’s the case, it’s going to take awhile to finish the tour!”

"Sadly, we'll have to save that for later. Hawk needs me back shortly. So, unfortunately, just a boring sex-lacking tour." He chuckles.

"What's my Dad need you for?" I watch his gleeful expression twist into an 'oh shit' face. Someone spilled the secret beans.

"He just wants to make sure we're there. But, uh, he's going after Fresno tonight. One of the Saints turned on Fresno after.. well, after what happened to you." He’s struggling to make eye contact, something is definitely up, "And he set your Dad up with some intel that Hawk couldn't turn his back on."

"Jesus Christ. That's why you brought me here?" Unreal. Why does no body believe I’m capable of coping? Eh, never mind that question. I don’t cope, I just shove whatever it is into the darkest parts of me and leave it to stir.

"No, Cass! It's not like that. I just noticed you were getting stuck in your head, and I thought this might help."

"If you say so. Where's our room?" I change the subject, hoping to dissipate the lousy energy creeping in the room.

After taking me around the inside, he leads me through the backdoor. It’s beautiful out here, the lush forest sitting right in our backyard. Candles line the patio, where I notice my Dad and Brothers and the rest of the club are standing. I turn to Ghost opening my mouth to ask when the hell they got here and if they were here while he was fucking me against the counter, but my mouth quickly snaps shut when I see Ghost crouched down on one knee with a beautiful glistening diamond ring held snuggly by the box in his hand.

"Cassie, we've been through a lot in the last three years, more than most. Yet never a day went by where I didn't want you next to me. I've never loved anyone as fiercely and recklessly as I love you. It would be the greatest honor of my life to have you by my side for the rest of my days as my wife." He pauses for a deep breath, “Will you do me the greatest honor and marry me, Cassandra Scott?"

"Of course! Get up, you big dummy! I can't believe you did all of this!" He slides the gorgeous rock onto my finger, placing a kiss on my forehead. "You're amazing," I whisper, kissing his neck.

Sudden clapping and shouting reel me back into the present. Right, we aren't alone. I turn to the group of usually fearful bikers to find my dad and a few others choking back tears, "You guys aren't supposed to be the ones crying!" I tease the old bikers.

"Can't help it! My only daughters getting hitched!" Dad replies.

"You've always been like a daughter to all of us. So it's a big deal!" Sharp says next as Bitz and Chap nod in quick agreement.

"I don't deserve you guys. You're the best. Thank you all for everything!" I sob, and now I’m the one crying.

I hear Ghost sniffle next to me, and I know he's too proud to admit it, but I still see the tears threatening to fall at the edges of his eyes.

He wraps his arm around me as everyone erupts in their own conversations, "you have no idea how happy you've made me Cassie, thank you for saying yes."

"What other answer is there? You've been everything and more to me. I'm not letting you go that easy." I lightly poke at his ribs. It’s the truth, even if he can be a major dunce.

The clubhouse is eerily quiet, with everyone gone after Fresno. Ghost stayed behind with me, I know how badly he wanted to go along but instead he made it his mission to keep me distracted. His hands trace up and down my inner thigh as we lay facing each other, when Caden comes barreling through my door, scaring the ever living shit out of me, "Dad's been shot, Cassie. We have to go!"

The words cross my mind as if I’m hearing them from a mile away. Barely able to comprehend the words, my heart stops.
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