Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Three

I can’t help the tears stinging my eyes. I’m pissed, and for some reason, when I get this mad, I tear up. Why the hell do people think brute force is the way to go? This is why I hate parties. I never know what the fuck is going to happen.

“Cassie? What the fuck are you doing here?” Ugh. I know that pissy voice anywhere. It belongs to Ghost.

“Me? What are you doing here?” I quickly try to blink away the tears before he notices.

“Are you crying?” He pulls my face closer between his palms to get a better view.

“No. I got some sand or something in my eye.” I lie, pulling his hands from my face, and take a step back.

“Bullshit. What fucking happened?” His muscular arms cross against his broad chest as he narrows his eyes on mine.

“Nothing. I’m good. I’m just trying to find Lana and Peyton.”

“We can play this game all fucking night long if you want. But I’m not about to deal with your dad’s wrath when he finds out whatever the reason is and finds out I didn’t help you.” He takes my hand, pulling me out of the crowd. His hand feels like electricity dancing along my skin. I’m just high; I attempt to convince myself.

“Now, what really happened?” He raises an eyebrow as we stop just in front of the large lake.

“I already told you.” I shrug.

“I don’t buy that for a second. I’m not that stupid.” He says in exasperation, shaking his head.

“Fine. I was just smoking a few joints with a group of people from school.”

“And then?” His eyes were shooting daggers at me. I can practically feel his eyes piercing my skin.

“And then nothing, that’s it.”

“Suit yourself.” He huffs, walking away.

“Where are you going?” I yell, taking a few steps closer to him.

“To ask them myself.”

Well, I highly doubt Garrett would throw himself overboard and admit he was trying to get me to do coke, “Have fun!” I turn around, scanning the crowd for Lana and Peyton.

I find them a few moments later, Lana is currently hanging on some guy, and Peyton is standing next to her, staring off into the distance.

“Guys, you ready to go?” I glance between the two of them.

“No way! I’m just starting to have fun!” Lana exclaims, making lovey eyes with the guy holding onto her.

Peyton rolls her eyes, “Guess we’ll be here a while.” She says only loud enough for me to hear.

“Every time. Well, I’m going to grab a drink if that’s the case. Are you good to drive?” I ask Peyton.

“Yep!” she says with a quick smile.

I hadn’t planned on drinking, but I might as well try to enjoy myself somewhat. Grabbing another soda and a red cup off the truck, I make my way over to the mountain of alcohol, eventually finding an entire bottle of my favorite rum. I fill the cup with rum first, then top it off with some soda. That should do the trick!

I finish the drink by the time I get back to Peyton, “Guess I should have just brought the bottle.” I giggle.

After Lana and her fling of the night went off to her car, Peyton and I moved closer to the music, stopping for a refill on the way. As the alcohol loosens me up, I spill my guts to Peyton about Ghost, right up to the part where he went off to find the source of my tears.

“Oh, my god. I have to see him for myself!” Peyton tells me.

“Uh, I’m not sure that’s the best idea. He really is an ass.”

“Not like I have to talk to the guy, just point him out.”

“Ugh. Fine.” I’m not about to be the one wiping the grin off her face.

I slowly look around the crowd, which has thinned out quite a bit. It’s that time of the party where everyone has gone off to hook up with whoever or just too drunk and passed out somewhere.

I finally spot him, and my body goes cold. He’s staring right at me, almost like he’s been watching me this whole time. He’s leaning against his bike with Tailwind and Striker, puffing on a cigarette, never breaking eye contact.

“He’s the one leaning on the bike, white t-shirt,” I mutter to Peyton.

“Oooh.” She coos, “I can see why you like him!”

“I don’t like him! He’s a dick!” I protest, “But he is nice to look at.” I shrug, pulling my attention away from him.

“I can see that! The blind could see that!”

“Probably.” I chuckle.

“I’m going to go grab a soda and sit a minute. You coming?” She put her hand up, motioning to the truck we came from.

“I’ll be there after this song!”

My stomach flips when I feel an arm wrap around my waist, “There you are. We didn’t get to finish what we started.” Garrett whispers into my neck, quickly sobering me.

“I was finished.” I push his hand off my waist. “Don’t touch me.”

“Hey, we were having a good time. You know we were.”

“Maybe you were.” I turn to look for Peyton, but I don’t see her from here.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Firmly gripping my arm, he spun me back to face him.

“I said, don’t touch me.” I glare at him, feeling the heat in my face rising from his actions.

“I’ll do as I fucking please!” He grits out, tightening his grip even more.

“Just go away!” I reach up, slapping him hard in the face, and he lets out an almost demonic laugh like he enjoyed it. Sick fuck.

“Like I said, not until we’ve finished what we’ve started.” He hisses, pulling me along behind him by my arm.

“And just what the fuck do you think you’ve started?” Ghost bellows with Tailwind and Striker standing on either side of him with crossed arms. “She doesn’t look too fucking interested.” Ghost snaps, ripping Garrett’s hand off of me. Just when I thought tonight couldn’t get any worse.

“Oh, she’s plenty interested. Isn’t that right, Cassie?” Garrett looked at me then to Ghost, “Don’t worry, fellas, I’ll take good care of her!” He tries to grab me yet again.

In the blink of an eye, Ghost sends Garrett to his back with a right hook to the face. Tailwind and Striker grab Garrett, holding him up by his arms, kicking the back of his legs, sending him to his knees.

“She’s not fucking interested!” Ghost yells, throwing another fist at Garrett’s face. “Do you fucking get that?” Ghost kicks him in the stomach. “Or do I need to spell it out for you?” Just then, Ghost reaches for the gun behind his back.

“Okay! Enough! Enough! This isn’t the fucking Wild West! What the fuck is even happening right now!” I storm off to find Peyton.

I hear Ghost telling the other members to deal with Garrett, and he quickly catches up to my side, “What the hell was I supposed to do? Let him fucking throw you around and do as he pleased?” Ghost stops walking and grabs my shoulder to hold me in place.

“Fucking let me go! You’re not my god damn bodyguard! I can take care of myself!”

“Sure didn’t fucking look that way!” He throws his hand back, pointing at Garrett struggling to get out of Striker and Tailwind’s grasp.

“I was trying not to make a fucking scene of it! It’s embarrassing enough!” I shrug his hand off me and start walking again.

“Embarrassing? Why the fuck would you be embarrassed? That jackass is the one that should be embarrassed!”

I mean, he isn't wrong, but I shouldn’t have put myself in this position in the first place. Exactly why I don’t do parties. Also, precisely what’s wrong with the world. I shouldn’t have to worry about that shit.

“It’s whatever. I have to go.”

“You’re not fucking driving like that. Give me your keys.” He demands, holding out his hand.

“Peyton’s driving.”

“I’ll drive. The guys can take care of my bike. Your Dad will fucking kill us both if I don’t bring you home.”

“Right. Forgot you have to stay in Daddy’s good graces.” I tease, “I have to find Peyton and let her know.”

“You’re unreal! I don’t fucking get you.” He scoffs.

“What is there to fucking get?”

“I fucking apologized for the other day, I try to fucking help you back there, and you still want to be so damn difficult.”

“What’s that saying about first impressions? You only get one or something?”

“Technically, that wasn’t the first impression. The first one was when I walked out of the meeting room.” My eyes go wide. Had Ghost felt the same connection I did?

“I’m not sure that exactly counts?” I half ask.

“Does for me.” He shrugs.

“Well, either way, I have to go find Peyton.” I hand him the keys, “my car is over there. I’ll be there in a few.” I say, pointing to the paintless Mustang.

“I’ll come with you. Who knows what kind of trouble you’ll get yourself in otherwise.”
“Whatever.” I roll my eyes.

I see the excitement take over Peyton’s face as she watches me walking over with Ghost, “So, long story, I’ll tell you later. Ghost is taking me home because he’s scared of my Dad.” I giggle, looking at Ghost as his expression shifts into an annoyed one.

“I’m not fucking scared of your dad.”

“Anyway, can you get Lana home?” I ask Peyton.

“Oh yeah, sure, no problem!” She says with a grin.

“Good grief. It’s not like that! He’s apparently just appointed himself head of security of my well-being.” I laugh again.

“You’re ridiculous. Let’s go.” Ghost grumbles under his breath.

“Fine, grump ass.” I look back at Peyton, “See you later, Peyton, let me know when you guys make it home.”

“Will do!” She says with a wink, and I shake my head. I don’t know why these two think everything leads to sex. Well, I guess it does for them.

I take my sweet time walking up to the car, my body’s aching, and my head is starting to pound.

“Can you hurry it up a bit, grandma?” Ghost huffs.

“Oh, fuck off.” I chuckle.

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