Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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I’ve spent the last few months doing the same thing nearly every day. Tracking down dead-end leads on Cassie. I lined up a treasurer to take care of the business aspect of things so I could maintain my focus on Cass. Axel was surprisingly a perfect fit. He had gotten a business degree before he turned his life upside down and joined Heaven’s Regrets. I couldn’t believe it when Sharp told me Hawk liked the paperwork side of being President instead of letting someone else do it. Even though that was Chap’s job, Hawk did it.

“Made him feel like a real asset to the town.” Sharp shrugged.

I mean, it made sense in some weird way. I’ve had Slayer using satellite imaging to track down any sign of Cassie or the Saints. It hasn’t amounted to anything substantial yet. We're running out of options fast.

Cassie’s brothers had spent their time driving all over the states recruiting other chapters in their search for Cassie until Caden came back before Carter. I guess Carter sent him home because Caden was getting on his nerves.

“I kept trying to tell Carter. She has to be close by. The guy never fucking listens.” Caden shakes his head, “but it’s just a gut feeling. My gut has never betrayed me.” Caden huffs out. I know he’s more than frustrated, with good reason. He was the one who had found Cassie last time.

“Just give him time to come around. You guys lost your Dad and sister in the same week. He’ll pull his head out of his ass eventually.” I pat Cade’s shoulder. He’s definitely the softer of the two brothers. Shit, he’s the softest of them all.

“Whatever. Let’s get a drink.” He stands, turning on his heels.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.” He’s already halfway out the door before I respond. I finish up the few papers that need my approval before calling it a day.

“Long time no see!” Chap slaps my arm as I take the chair beside him at the counter.

“This President shit is no joke.” I hang my head, feeling the extent of my exhaustion catching up.

“No shit. Why do you think no one else wanted it?” He lets out a loud chuckle, and I shake my head in response.

“You’ll get the hang of it. Then it’ll be a cakewalk!” Chap takes a long drink from the bottle of beer in front of him.

“We’ll see about that,” I answer him and motion the prospect working the bar over. “Something strong.” I point to the top shelf.

I watch the ember color swirl around the glass as the prospect fills it to the brim. Giving him a quick nod in thanks.

Two months later
There’s a knock on my office door, “yeah?” I call out from my permanent perch at my laptop. My office consists of a small desk and a laptop, that’s it. I didn’t feel right about taking Hawk’s office over. That will be up to Cassie.

“Got another lead!” Caden beams as he opens the door.

“What’s it matter? They’ve all been dead ends.” I bow my head as I push my chair back from the desk, resting my elbows on my knees.

“This is just like last time! You all fucking gave up, and I found her! You all fucking suck.” I watch the excitement fade from his expression and feel slightly guilty.

“You’re right. Let’s go. This time I’ll be there when we find her.” I say, feeling my guilt grow. I don’t know what’s changed throughout the course of Cassie being gone, but Caden has become my best friend, something I’ve never honestly had before. Sure, Carter and I became drinking buddies for a while the last time Cass disappeared, but we never opened up to each other like true friends do. We spent many nights down at the bar drinking a little too much for our own good. But it kept us busy, and that was that.

Now it’s Caden and me, and we can only spend so much time in the office. Sure, it usually ends up in one of us getting some idiotic idea which inevitably leads to a broken leg here and a broken arm there, but it’s been fun. Caden is a lot easier to talk to and get along with.

Carter was his usual pissy self the couple of times he had to bail us out of jail. We always stumble out still drunk, laughing our asses off.

“So, what’s this lead?” I break the silence as we drive down the same highway we always do.

“You remember Shaker’s club? Uh. What’s their name again?”

“The rejects.” I laugh because that’s precisely what they are after we rejected them from joining our club, and several other smaller clubs around the area also refused them.

“Right.” He laughs along, “Well, they were out for a ride up north, just around that safe house, and they found a ton of black SUVs a bit further north of that. Know what that means, right? So it has to be them!”

I’m not about to burst his bubble now. I’ve seen the pain he’s been struggling through since Cassie left. It’s what brought us so much closer, “Better call the boys in.” My fingers drum on my knees. I still may not be completely loved, but I’ve gained some of the club's respect since I started temporarily filling the President role. Everyone finally had a chance to see my skills at work, and the club is doing the best it ever has.

“You better. Last time they told me to fuck off. They might listen to you.” He shrugs out a laugh.

I send out a mass text to everyone in the club, letting them know where to meet us. We find the house quickly enough. It sits maybe a quarter-mile off the dirt road we were on.

“Keep going. Don’t need to set off any alarms.” I tell Caden.

“Right.” He agrees and passes the house, parking just behind a tree line.

I send another text to the club, “found em, bring back up.”

“On it!” Sharp replies on everyone’s behalf.

“She better be here.” I turn to Cade, glaring at him.

“She will be. Shaker saw her himself. He’s a good dude.” Cade shakes the grin from his face.

Observing the grounds from the tree line, this could be a viable option to hold someone against their will. With the heavy presence of armed men walking the perimeter of the house, there’s no doubt they’re up to something shady. This also tells me, we missed a hell of a lot of the Saints.

“If this pays off, we’ll have to bring those rejects in. You know that, right?” Caden laughs. “we’ll owe them big time.”

“I think money will suffice.” I laugh as I remember watching Shaker try to figure out how to start his bike the first time we met him in the supermarket parking lot. That’s the day it all began for him and the little makeshift club he has now.

“Probably a good idea,” Cade chokes out in between laughs just as the armory van pulls in behind us, followed by the low rumble of nearby bikes.

“That’s our cue.” I huff as I swing my door open.

“Let’s do this!” Caden grins from ear to ear.

~End of book one!~
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