Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Eight

I pull the top off to reveal a tiny wooden motorcycle dangling from a silver bracelet resting on two concert tickets to my favorite band.

"How did you know about them?" I look at him wide-eyed, holding the tickets up.

"I asked around." He smirked.

"Thank you!" I squeal, mindlessly throwing my arms around him, feeling his body stiffen for a split second before he slowly hugged me back.

"You're welcome. They're kind of a graduation and birthday present. The concert is at the end of summer." He pulls away, "I thought maybe we could go together?"

"We'll see what kind of mood you're in by then." I tease.

"Fair enough." He hops out of the truck, walking around to open my door.

I quickly grabbed the duffel bag and put the rest of my stuff in it.

"Jesus, did you rob a bank on the way to graduation?"

"Something like that." I laugh.

As Ghost opened the door to the club, everyone screamed congratulations.

"Aw, thanks, guys! You didn't have to do all of this!"

"Hey, it's not every day someone here graduates!" Bitz yelled over, and there were more cheers in agreement.

"You guys are the best!"

"And there's cake!" Carter says, grabbing my arm and dragging me over to the bar counter. It was covered with several cakes. The nearby tables were covered with other treats and food.

"Sugar coma, here I come!" I laugh.

I take a seat at one of the more oversized tables with my Dad and brothers. Dad's Vice President Sharp sat opposite me, and Bitz and Chaplain took up the remaining seats.

Some of the most influential men in my life, if Dad wasn't around for whatever I needed, they were. They all helped raise me in their own way after Mom died.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Chaplain reached over, resting his hand on mine.

"Nothings wrong, everything is just right. I'm so grateful for all of you." I didn’t notice the tears forming in my eyes, but Chap did.

"Pfft. Don't be getting all sappy now. We wouldn't have it any other way!" He squeezed my hand lightly. "Now, how about some cake?" He motioned his hand to one of the girls walking around serving cake.

After thanking everyone for the gifts and party, I went up to the roof of the shop. One nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere, you could see stars for miles. I used to love coming up here to find different constellations, but as I got older, I lost interest in it. I can't even remember half of them anymore.

Instead, I waste my nights going to parties now, that I don’t even enjoy. Not much else to do in small towns. I wish I would have stuck with finding the constellations instead.

"Cass, there you are. Are you coming back in?" Carter yelled.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a bit."

"Well, hurry up. We have one more surprise for you!"

"Alright, I'm coming." I stood up, making my way back down through the attic.

"Okay, put this on." He orders, holding out a blindfold.

"Do I have to?" I groan.

"Yes! No cheating!"

"Fine." I huff, pulling the blindfold over my eyes. “Happy?"

"As a kid on Christmas morning!" He chuckled.

He leads me through what I'm guessing is the front lawn. I've been here so long I know where I am, even blindfolded.

"Alright, just a little bit further." He whispers I think more so to himself.

I can hear hushed voices the further we walk.

"You ready?" He asks, placing a hand on the blindfold.

"As I'll ever be," I say, and he yanks the blindfold off.

"You needed to blind me, just to show me the club members?" I raise a brow.

"No, smartass." He scoffed. "Move, guys!"

I squint as the group of guys split apart. There was a car sitting there.

"A car?" I ask, not quite understanding.

"Look closer." He nudges my shoulder.

"You guys painted my car?!" I screamed once I was close enough to realize it was my mustang. It was a beautiful deep blue pearl color.

"Sure did!" Dad bragged, patting my back.

"You guys have done way too much." I shook my head in disbelief.

"We're just proud of our girl!"

"This is too much, you guys. I appreciate it, but it's a lot."

"Bullshit. Hardly took anything, did it myself!" Bitz reassures me.

"Well," I sigh, "Thank you, guys. I love it, but please, no more gifts or surprises."

"I think that's the last of it." Dad grins.

The rest of the summer went by quickly. Ghost had surprisingly spent a lot of time with me in the shop or just taking me to town when he had free time.

Dad made it known just how much he hated it, but Ghost always said nothing was going on, which was mostly true. Sure, we have feelings for each other. That much is obvious. But he keeps his distance, physically anyway. We had gotten to know each other really well over the summer.

My feelings for him grew every day, and I hated it. I know nothing more would come of it until I’m eighteen, if even then. He’s too damn stubborn and stuck in his ways. I guess I can’t blame him too much. I kind of get it, but I still hate it.

"What are you working on now?" Ghost asks, walking through the door.

"Switching out an alternator, just about finished. Where are you coming from?" I ask, eyeing his muddy chaps.

"Your Dad sent me on a fucking goose chase." He huffed, sitting down on the bench.

"Do I want to know?" I arch a brow.

"Probably not." He says, running a hand through his long hair.

"Well, why don't you make yourself useful and hand me those." I point to the bolts in the tray.

"So, you done after this?"

"Yeah, just have to lock up. Why?"

"Okay, I'll be back."

"Um. Okay?" I peer up at him.

"I have to change." He waves his hand at the mud-covered leather. "The concerts tonight, did you forget?"

"Oh, shit. I kind of did. Um, yeah, I'll be ready soon." I mumble. I can’t believe I forgot.

I quickly bolt the alternator down and call it good. I shut the lights off and locked the door. I have no time to shower, so I wash myself up the best I can at the sink, and throw on a clean hoodie and jeans, and weave a braid through my hair. Good enough.

"Ready?" Ghost is already waiting for me in the hallway.

"Yeah, are we taking your bike?"

"I thought I'd follow you up there, actually."

"Oh, why?"

"Going to need somewhere to put your bag." He points to the small duffel bag next to my door.

"What the fuck?" I glance at the bag.

"I got us a couple of rooms at the hotel. I figured you could use a little mini vacation." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, we could still ride together?"

"I have some stuff to do around the area, so this just makes it easier. Then you're not without a vehicle."

"Uh, okay. Well, let's get going then." I say, closing my bedroom door.

"So, how'd you like the concert?" Ghost wrapped his arms around my waist, sending butterflies through my chest at the sudden contact.

"It was amazing, thank you!" I beam, hugging him back.

Was he finally going to cave? He'd never been like this with me before. I can’t help the smile spreading across my face. I hope this was going where I think it is.

He’s kept trying to convince me this was just a little vacation from the clubhouse, and maybe it was for him, but I have other plans in mind. I reach down, grabbing the collar of his vest pulling it off slowly.

"Fucking hell Cass. What do you think you're doing?" He pulls back, holding me at arm's length.

"Well, why else would you take me to the concert and get a hotel room?" My heart is sinking.

"Exactly the reason I said. A vacation." Ghost shoots back.

"Bull fucking shit, Lucas!" I can't even believe this, “I could have come here with someone else if that were the case!” Why is he wasting my time?!

"Like fucking hell you could. You know the shit your brothers are stirring up puts a huge target on your fucking back!"

"I don't need a damn bodyguard! I don't need you!" My voice was low and steady. I’m done with these fucking mixed signals. "Leave. Now."

I can see the hurt in his face as the words leave my lips, but I’m not backing down.

"Cass," he said, grabbing my hand, "you know I can't leave you."

"Then stop with the games! I can’t take it!” I peer into his eyes, and that's when I saw the switch flip.

Before I know it, he has my legs wrapped around his waist, his lips inches from mine. Is this happening? Just then, his lips crash into mine. I hastily pull his vest off, and he runs his hand down my side, sending shivers up my spine. He turns around, sitting on the bed with me in his lap, running his hands up my back and down my ass.
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