Heaven’s Regrets (Book 1)

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Chapter Nine

I wake up with a start from my phone ringing. I blindly search for my phone in the bed when I notice the light coming from it on the floor. Getting out of bed and read the caller ID. Shit. I forgot to tell dad I wasn’t going to be home.

I hesitantly answer, "Hi, dad. What's up?"

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, YOUNG LADY!" I instinctively pull the phone away from my ear, fearing permanent damage.

"Sorry, dad. I went to the concert, and it got late. I didn't want to make the drive home, so I got a hotel room."

"You can't fucking be doing that! You know what's going on! Why the hell are you risking your life for bullshit concerts, Cassandra!"

"I'm perfectly safe, dad. Ghost is with me. I didn't go alone."

"GHOST!? He could have fucking driven you home! What in the fuck are you thinking!"

Fuck. I sometimes forget how much he hates Ghost hanging around me.

"Calm down, dad. He got a separate room. Would you rather I came alone? You know he's not going to let anyone hurt me.” And he does know that, as much as he loathes the guy for even looking in my direction.

"God damn it, Cassie. This is out of line, even for you! I want you straight home in the morning."

"I'll see you then, dad. Try to relax for once. I will have a boyfriend eventually, you know. You can't fight it forever."

"No one is fucking touching you without my fucking approval, and that is final!"

God being on the receiving end of his temper was something else. He’s so damn set in his ways.

"Dad. Really? You're ridiculous. I'm a big girl. I can make my own choices. How else will I make it in the world?"

"You're my only daughter Cass. Your Mom would never forgive me if I let some douche take advantage of you." His tone started softening. It always does with me, no matter how furious he is.

"I know, dad. It's late, I'm going back to sleep. See you in the morning."

"Alright then. Be safe. Don't let that fuck wad corrupt you. Love you, kid.”

"Yeah, yeah. Love you too, dad."

I look at the bed before climbing back in. I didn't even realize it was empty until now. My heart sank. I pick my phone back up, looking through the contacts until I land on Ghost. Pressing call, I listen to the dial tone, then voicemail. What the hell? I know he had stuff to do around here but at this hour?

I'll try a text, I guess, "Where are you?"

I sit on the bed and wait for what feels like hours with no reply, tears start streaming down my face, refusing to stop.

I should have known better. I know this is what happens behind closed club doors. Now I’m just another body on the list. God, how could I be so stupid!

When I wake up again the sun is now creeping through the curtains, I reach over for Ghost, but he’s not there. Then it hits me. It wasn't a dream. He really left.

I throw the blankets back and collect my things. I’m not going to be one of those girls who sits around waiting to get my heart broken more.

Walking out of the hotel lobby to load my car up with some of the stuff I had picked up last night, something catches my attention, a blacked-out SUV.

Great, just what I need. I turn around and head back to my hotel room, and lock the door. I quickly take my phone out of my pocket and call my dad.

"Dad, I need you to come get me."

"What's going on, doll?"

"Dad, I'm at the Carlin Inn, and there's a black SUV sitting across the lot from my car."

"For fucks sake! Where's Ghost!" His voice thunders through the speaker.

"I don't fucking know, Dad! Does it really matter?!”

Blacked-out SUVs only mean one thing around here, and fuck me if I’m not a little terrified. They belong to dad's biggest rival, the Saints.

Of fucking course, Ghost would be gone, has the fucking name for a reason. Fuck it. I'll try calling him anyway. Maybe he's still close.

The line rings and rings again. Voicemail, great.
"Lucas, I don't know what the fuck happened, nor do I fucking care. But the fucking Saints are here, so if you're close, get your ass here before Dad gives you over to my brothers!"

Getting out of bed I grab my shit and sneak out like a coward. How could I have done that? She’s not even legal. I could have waited a little longer. I should never have given in, but I just couldn't leave with her pissed at me. Well, I guess it turns out I could have since I left anyway, and she's going to be fucking furious.

I walk out to the lot and fire my bike up, I don’t know where I’m going, but I can’t stay there. I ride until I find a tiny hole in the wall bar, figure this is as good as anything else. I kick my stand out and lean my bike down, climbing off.

It looks pretty dead here from the outside. Perfect. I am not in the mood to mingle.

"Beer. Whatever you got." I say to the bartender, not even giving her a second glance.

I can’t get Cassie out of my mind, her perfect body, naive heart, her innocence that I had now taken, and those damn emerald blue eyes. I'm such a fucking idiot. I ruined everything.

After my third beer, I feel my phone buzzing. I grab it out of my pocket and see Cassie's name illuminating the screen.

My heart clenches, and my stomach feels like it’s falling out of my ass. It's better if I just disappear, it's what I'm good at, and I'm no good for her.

Calling it a night after a few more drinks, I make my way to my room at the hotel. I can’t just leave her entirely unprotected. I know she’ll be leaving in the morning. I just have to make sure she gets home safe.

Throwing my shit on the chair and falling into bed, I set the alarm making sure I was up before her. I was out in minutes, wishing I’d be waking up next to her. But no, fuck up city here.

I wake up to the alarms blaring at seven. Groaning, I throw the blanket back and take my shit off the chair, heading to the shower. Nothing but thoughts of her and last night fill my mind. I'm such a fucking idiot. She'll never forgive me.

Climbing out of the shower and throwing on whatever I packed from the bag, I head down to the lobby to check out of the room. It was a quiet morning; everyone is probably still sleeping, lucky fucks.

I wait in the parking lot for her, she hasn’t shown yet, but her car is still in the lot. Not long after, she finally comes out, carrying the concert stuff we bought.


I should be helping her, not being a fucking coward hiding over here. She goes back inside, and I wait again. A few minutes later, my phone is buzzing. It’s Cassie, again. I let it go to voicemail. She doesn't need a low life like me, and I'm going to make sure of that.

A moment later, I feel another buzz, one new voicemail. Pulling it to my ear, I hear Cassie’s voice. She sounds hurt and angry, then scared.

"Lucas, I don't know what the fuck happened, nor do I fucking care. But the fucking Saints are here, so if you're close, get your ass here before Dad gives you over to my brothers!"

Fuckin hell!

I turn around to go in the side door when some fucker comes out of nowhere. Catching his fist, I spin him roughly against the wall twisting his arm upwards towards his shoulder, he tries to break free, but I’m twice his size.


I take my gun from its holster with my free hand push the silencer into the back of his skull, “Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?" I spit.

"Making sure you're occupied." He lets out a hollow laugh.

"Problem solved then." I squeeze the trigger, and his lifeless body falls to the ground.

"Trash," I mutter.

Then I hear what could only be one sound, motorcycles. A lot of them at that, Cass must have called her Dad. Sure enough, they all come speeding down the street, the black SUV tries taking off, but the Saints are by far outnumbered.

No one messes with Prez's daughter and lives. I watch Bomber pull the driver out and throw him on the ground, and then her brothers show up. Now shit is about to get real.

The Rippers throw him in the back of his own SUV and peel out. Bet that dude is regretting some of life's choices about now.
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